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Club Caribbean – Runaway Bay   ~  Reviews Posted – 2
Club Caribbean – Runaway Bay Canada

April 2003

My husband and I just returned from a wonderful trip to Club Caribbean (Club Decameron) on Monday April 14th, 2003. This is a small resort with two small pools. At first we were not very impressed because of the size of the resort and the beaches were broken up by sections, and also not very big.

It didn’t take long to appreciate the Jamaican people and their music! This definitely made our trip. We went to Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic last year, and although the beaches there were amazing (huge with white sandy beaches) and the ocean was beautiful and clear, Jamaica is much more fun! First off, they speak English (which really helps, believe me); the music is great, and always keeping you going; the shows are fun and well planned; the food is good (10 times better then the Dominican where everyone had diarrhea by the end of the week!); the rooms are clean (a little musty, but hey, you’re in a different country); the people are amazing! The staff were so friendly (too friendly sometimes!!!), except for front desk; some of the girls up front could be a little cold.

The weather was great. 86 degrees everyday. We would get some rain in the afternoon and that was it. It was REALLY windy for our first 2 days because of a storm they had the week before. But the wind made it really nice and breezy.

We found the small beach at the very end of the resort the nicest. It was quiet and the beach there wasn’t rocky. By the end of the week my husband and I had had enough partying and just wanted to relax and be alone.

You have to go to DUNN’S RIVER FALLS! This is a must. Don’t take the Ochos Rios tour with the shopping there (the vendors are way too pushy), take the Dunn’s river cruise. It is $60 us each and includes an awesome boat ride from ocho’s rios where we stopped to snorkel out in the ocean the we went to the falls where we climb the falls then partied back to ocho’s rios on the boat having free drinks and dancing. It was awesome.

If you’ve heard of Hedonism 3 I should have to say no more. We we went for a day trip which cost us $20 there and back and $75 each for a day pass. A night pass would be $85 each. We had a blast. This resort is amazing. We spent most of our day on the nude part of the resort, where everyone is completely nude and very friendly. We also saw a wet t-shirt contest where I was chosen to be a judge and had the pleasure to lick coconut ice cream off of another girl’s body along with 2 other guys (she was naked of course!) I will tell you, if you are into this kinda resort then this is where you need to be! It will cost you about $700 more each for a week but is worth it! We are happy we were able to go and tell about it. Next time we go away we will save the extra and definitely go to Hedonism.

But as for the Royal Decameron, for the price we paid, we had a great time. We met fun people, fun staff, and had a great week.

Hi Nicole, Hi Michelle, Hi Logan , Hi Jessie!!! We had a blast, take care!

If you have any questions, feel free to give us an email @

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Club Caribbean – Runaway Bay Mr. and Mrs. Entwistle
February 2003

In November 2001, my family and I took a vacation to "Club Caribbean" in Runaway Bay, Jamaica. This resort was picked based on the rating that was supplied by Apple Vacation. It was rated a "3" (should have been rated 1 ½) and considered a family resort by Apple Vacation. However, when we arrived at the resort all the information that provided by Apple Vacation was FALSE.

When we arrive at the resort, it was awful and here is why……

Room One: The moment we walked in, the curtains were falling off the hinges. The air conditioning unit was placed in a cutout hole that was never sealed, which was evidences enough by the rust growing around the inside of the unit. On the outside, the air conditioning unit was rusted so badly, that a big hole on one side of the unit and rust covering the entire motor. The dresser had knobs missing; the bathroom had ants two different times, which we complained twice. As for the bed, it had grey sheets that looked like they were never washed. The six nights that we where there, our pillowcases were never changed (pillows were also flat) and are sheets continued to remain grey until the last two days. We along with all the other guests were bit by bed bugs and mosquitoes during the night. We also did not have any towels on a couple of days.

Room Two: Had all the same problems as Room One with additional problems. There was no ceiling fan in the room, just a spot where it once was. When it rained, the room became flooded so bad that the bed spread had to be changed. When we called the first time to complain, they said they had already taken care of it, but that was not the case. When we arrived, the room was still flooded, and we had to complain a second time.

As for the resorts so-called reputation for being a family resort, this was completely false. We had our twelve-year-old son with us and we were shocked to see that 80% of the people on the beach were topless, and it stayed this way during our entire stay. This was not restricted to one side of the beach, it was all over the resort. If Apple Vacation pointed this out in their advertisement, this resort would not have considered for my family. The same also apply to the rating that it was given.

As for the water sports that were so highly publicized, this was also disappointing. We could not do any snorkeling; ride the paddleboat, during our entire stay. We did get to kayak, but only a ¼ of a mile out. We did learn how to wind surf, but they would not let us windsurf (after our lessons) on our own. We did learn how to sail, but we could not take the boats out on our own. We did get to ride on the glass bottom boat only to get 1 ½ miles away from the resort to have the motor die. We waited 15 minutes for the dive boat to tow us in. This was the first and last time anyone was able to get on this boat.

The food was a joke and the variety in food sucked. Living in New Mexico, we were looking forward to the many different types of fresh fish that we were going to eat. At dinner (only), they served cod and it was cooked the same way every time. The meals were never anything that made you want to get more, nor were they anything to look forward too.

The staff (Jamaicans) was great considering what they had to deal with. As for the new owners, they were unfriendly. We saw the woman owner more than once, and you would think that she would stop and asked you how our stay was going. Well, she was a complete snob with no friendliness what so ever. The Jamaicans always made us feel welcome, which is why we always come back to the island of Jamaica.


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Last updated: April 18, 2003

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