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The Club Karey is one of the nicest hotels in this area. This was my 3th time in Cuba so I already knew what to expect and what could be a problem. The only difference is that now I have come with my wife to spend my holiday here. I didn’t knew much about this hotel because my wife said that she research it on the internet and that she found out very good reviews. So I trusted her. And I wasn’t sorry for that decision. When we arrived in Cuba and we saw the hotel from outside, we knew that it would be a very nice place to stay. Of course we were right because not only from outside but from inside the hotel everything seems so nice and clean. The lobby is clean and painted in bright colors. We entered the rooms very soon after the arrival in the hotel which is very nice and it is the first time to happen. Usually we were waiting a few hours at least. But the personnel here are excellent and they managed to clean and organize the rooms very fast. Everything in the room was working perfectly fine. The air-conditioning was functional all the time and there was hot water at any part of the day and the night. We had room with ocean view which was also a great thing because every morning was a new bright pleasure for us. The employees were so nice and kind all the time that we wanted to give them tips. No matter what you need and in which part of the day or night, they were there to help. The food was something fantastic. It is a very rare thing to find fresh and tasted good food at Cuba but this was one of the few exceptions. Huge thanks to the chief and all the people that made our meals so perfect. All in all it was a great holiday and I would recommend this place for every person that wants an extra vacation for affordable price.

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