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In April 2012 my spouse and I spent 15 days at this resort. We got different stories about this resort being in the process of being sold. Things seems to get better after a few days. This was our 4th trip to Cuba; we knew what to expect. We give a 5 star for cleanliness – it was amazing – the cleaning in the lobby was constant, the rooms were spotless. We had ocean view and it’s worth the few extra bucks – the smell of petrol on the opposite side was so strong – friends of ours couldn’t leave their patio door open. But if you are patient and don’t let those little things bother you – make your own fun. For 2 weeks for both of us it was 1850$ total from Halifax. Can’t complain much for that price. I do suggest brining some peanut butter and/or preserves from home if you usually use these at home. Sometimes a little PB&J is all you need to get you through.


Room Number:

Quick to register – showed to are room.

Clean – exactly what we expected. Sheets and towels were changed every 2nd day – all you have to do is ask.

Restaurants and Bars: One problem would be the food; like I said we knew what to expect but we don’t normally leave the resort – this time we went out to eat 3 evenings at a little pizza place no to far from the resort. I recommend the pizza YUMMY! We gave a good tip at the "A La Carte" so they let us in there pretty much any time we wanted. I think we had dinner there 8 or 9 times. Perhaps it’s custom to eat potatoes and left over spaghetti from the previous evening and serve this for breakfast but?? Also one evening they had a type of fish – heads on – next day for breakfast heads off.

Also the bar would run out of certain items, no rum, or certain drinks were only at the inside bar.

Beach/Pools/Grounds: The beach is not suitable for a small child or if you are not a good swimmer. The pull when the waves go out is unreal – and the lifeguard is about 300 feet away from the water and with the higher tides it pushed the sand up so much they wouldn’t have notice if someone was in trouble or not. Of course this isn’t something that can be altered but just FYI.

First day the water in the pool was greenish but they drained it next day and cleaned it – was great after.

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel:
To go to the markets and stores – for 5 pesos each you can get the complete tour of Varadero on a 2 tier bus – it was long b/c they stop at almost every resort going and coming but you can get on and off all day as you wish; we had lots of laughs and got to see the town for an inexpensive price.

Other Comments: For 60$ you get 3 massages so you can share with spouse or all for yourself – I think it was 40 minutes each. It’s nice especially the day you are leaving if leaving later in the day – helps relax before flying. Of course there are lots of native Cubans in need of clothing etc. One father told us that shoes, sandals, sneakers, etc are very expensive for them to buy – so if you have some that you don’t wear and want to give ’em away – it’s a nice gester. The people are so appreciative of anything you can give – some items that are really expensive to buy are: sunglasses, sun tan lotion/oil, so bring lots so you don’t run out. You could pay up to 40 – 50 $ for suntan lotion. I have a reaction to the sun and had to see the nurse at the resort. She had the doctor come in same day to see me and had meds delivered all within 4 hours. She and the nurse were very professional. One tourist brought in band-aids as a gift and I thought the nurse was going to cry; some things we take for granted.


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