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overall this place sucked there were allot of things that were advertised that were in fact not availible so i am saying flat out if you are looking to experience aswell as witness poverty then this is the place for you the food was grose the people were rude and the 24- hour snack bar isnot 24hrs

Your Arrival:
arriving was good the bell boy took our baggs but we beat him too the room when we got to the room it wasnt what we paid for so we complained and with that said they made us pay an extra 70$ canadian for ocean view wich we had already paid for and were assured by nolitours we were getting so after getting this outrageously up priced room we went to it and were very dissappointed they dont stock your mini fridge by the way so we went back down the rickety elevator to the front desk and asked for another roomand ii demanded my money back and they gave it back so on to our third roomm it was at the end of the hall on the fifth floor it still looked pretty shady at this point we didnt care though we were tired and fed up so wee settled un happilly

were not like the picture water damage everywere i never had a hot or even remotely close to a luke warm shower thewhole time i was there i had to lay a towel down in the bath tub be cause there were scales on the floor and peopl i am not over exxagerating im sayin it as it was the balcony door was hard to open when you call the front desk they would either not answer or be rude and start yelling at you in another language oh the safe is my favorite part of the room not only do you use your door key to access it but there is another key slot that you dont get a key to and all themaids look cracked out we never let them clean our room once oh you had to slam the door to close it the bed was like sleeping on a bed of coconuts and they dont even give you a blanket that green one you see in the picture is acctually a sheet oh yeah when it Rains outside it rains INSIDE because there are holes in the roof

Restaurants and Bars:
the food was shit my girlfriend got food poiioning the third day wee were there thus ruining our whole trip i never ate there again returning to canada hungary as a hell ps it has been eight days already we are really scared because no one knows whats wrong with her and the drugs the cuban docters gave her made it worse this place is a death trap if you want to commit suicide come here you wont be dissappointed oh the rice was not bad a little salty tho oh the bars are bad to you could go get a pina colada and ten minz later go and try and get another one and they would say they couldnt make it then i would send my girlfriend to go get one from the same bartender and he would make them rite away

the beach was nasty pieces of wood everywhere WATCH your steps to i found many pieces of glass everywere and when you go into the water it was shallow for about two steps then it dropped off to my neck and im like six feet tall this is not a good spot for your kids to play even i felt unsafe the ground is very rocky too

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel:
off the resort was amazing on the resort was awfull everything that they said they offered was unheardof including spanish lessons and scuba diving in pools i am not lying please dont even consider this place it was my first time travelling and i was definately feeling like i was totally mislead

Other Comments:
noli tour is a horrible company and should have all there touring privelages revoked simply for sending people to this resort i felt marooned abandoned and helpless the whole time i was there i was more excited to get home than i was to get there i am really glad that i am canadian after visiting a place like this vacation is supposed to be a relaxing time i felt like you had to be looking over your shoulder the whole time or someone would take advantage of you im glad i never got drunk other wise i fear i woldn’t be here today informing you people of this truly life altering experience

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