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Well, I am not sure where to start. One of the things that enticed me into coming here was all the positive ratings. I’ll have to be more selective the next time. So, to start. The good things. Webster, our waiter in MB was exceptional!! YAAAAAY Webster!. If you like shopping, La Isla is right across the street and has many fine shops. The beach is relatively clean except for the slobs who litter with their cigar and cigarette butts. The yellow flags were up most of the time but that is to be expected in that area. If you are careful, swimming is lovely. From my perspective, a seasoned traveller who is used to staying at better quality hotels, this hotel did not make the mark. While the grounds were well kept, and the rooms and hallways clean, there are not many more positive things to say. Compare to The Moon Palace with a similar or 1/2 star rating less, where the rooms have two person jacuzzis, large showers and ample closet and dressing areas, and bottles of premium liquor in each room, whereas Live Aqua has no booze and only cheap beer and sodas and bottled water. After we checked in, the room we were assigned was supposed to be a deluxe garden view. What we really got was a deluxe construction site view. Not a tree in sight! Well, maybe a bush! LOL. We immediately went to the front desk and were assigned a full ocean view at the front of the hotel on the 7th floor. Pretty neat huh? Oooops, wait, we entered the room to find a woman partially clad along with her husband. Embarrassing for both parties to say the least. Down to the front desk again, several apologies and a new room on the 9th floor. I guess this could be a good point. With regard to the food. Only three restaurants for this whole complex. MB, which was upper scale but the food was only medicore compared again with Moon Palace both in choices of restaurants and quality of food. Azur, which is out by the pools which are satisfactory, but which weren’t heated and were a touch cool, is somewhat OK. The buffet restaurant Siete was adequate for brekkie and lunch but dinner was unspecatular. The staff by and large was very friendly and there were favourites but one thing I will say about brekkie…. they had all the fresh OJ you could drink and more, and mimosas were abundant. Omelettes were good too and on balance the brekkies were average to good. Again, choice was lacking and for those people who were not fans of eating a lot of Mexican fare, meals could be a bit disappointing. The pool waiters were attentive and all staff were tipped well. I just believe that it is hard work for these folks and dealing with many impolite people one of the ways I think I can brighten their days is to give a good tip and be very polite for the great service. The bus is a few steps away from the front of the hotel and I highly recommend using it to go to "The Forum" area a few miles down the road.

Room Number:
9th Floor which is Top Floor

Room Block:
Ocean Front

Satisfactory but nothing special. We were told welcome drink upon arrival and we get TEA???? Give me a break! Lots of time share people around. Beware!!!

Room Tip: Ruth’s Chris Steak House just out the front of the hotel and to the left a reasonably short walk. Make sure to see Tulum and other tours. Take the bus! It is very inexpensive and there are tons of stops for shopping and eating out! Enjoy the beach! Make sure you are not facing either the Westin on the left side of hotel as you are facing the water or the construction site on the right. Except nothing less. They bargain hard so press them.

Restaurants and Bars:
Three restaurants. MB for the so called better quality food which is only average. Siete for buffet breakfasts and lunch and a la carte dinners. Azur which is buffet, a la carte and right near pool for quick snacks. Only good thing I can say about any of them is that the fresh squeezed OJ in morning was spectacular.

Beach very nice, pools…. 8 of them that were supposed to be heated but were not. Grounds were nicely kept.

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel: If the hotel bothered to tell us it might have been nice. Most of the area is Americanized with Hard Rock Cafe, Hooters, Senior Frogs and other popularly named stops for the tourists but fun to go to in any event. There are always lots of tours and I highly recommend both Xcaret (pronounced Ish car ette) and Xel Ha (pronounced Shell Ha). There are many more so don’t miss out, just expect to pay around $100 or more per person for each. I am not sure what more to say here except I will continue to come back to Mexico, particularly Cancun and the Mayan Riviera but I plan to give this property a pass for now and forever!

Other Comments:
BTW, under country Canada should be spelled with a capital. So for instance would you like it to be usa or USA. If I were an American I would like the latter. Should be easy for you to change.

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