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I traveled with my mother and sister here. I came with the intention it was going to be a backwash place in the middle of nowhere, but really, I dont know why anyone was really complaining. Aslong as you go to Cuba expecting Cuban standards, you will have a great time. The food is exactly what you will get for a 3 star, but you dont go to Cuba for the food, you go for the beach and pool. After the hurricane they remodeled the resort, so be sure to stay at the Farralon de Carib. It is much more elegant, with better food, and nicer rooms. Overall we found the staff very friendly,but try to find Henry (he is very nice and helpful). Come there with a flash light, because the nightly entertainment rotates from hotels every second night, and the road can get slightly dark. Also, dont go expecting to use the internet, it is expensive and takes FOREVER to load a page!!!!! I do not recomend this hotel for the young drinking crowd however. The resort is very spread out, and after a night of fun (or to much to drink) there is no food to get after dinner until breakfast!!! Otherwise, familys with kids and older citizens I do recomend this tranquil atmosphere.

Your Arrival:
The flight was not that bad in my opinion. The seats are a little bit closer together, but they had a movie, food, and pillows. When you arrive in the airport you go through normal customs, and then board a bus. ( Be sure to bring somthing to do, because the bus ride is another hour and a half.) There is a bar where you can get drinks, and they give you your key and bracelet befor you board the bus. Very convinient!

I cannot stress this enough, STAY AT THE FARALLON!!! The rooms were relativley nice. They were very clean, and everything worked fine except for a noisy airconditioner. There were about 5 english channels on the TV. ( You cannt scroll to CTV news because of the American and Cuban fued, but if you press channel 2 you can watch it. The room 414 had a bug problem in our beds after the wind died down, but they gave us a spray bottle. After dark besure to keep the doors closed, because once sand flies are in the room the get into your sheets and matress. This is Cuba, so if you want somthing done right, you must complain.

Restaurants and Bars:
The food is what you would expect in Cuba. We found the Farralon’s food was a little better than the other ones, and a better variety. The food is very simple, rice, beans, pork, chicken ,beef and salads, but the bread is amazing!!!!! The fruit was fresh, but the desserts were plain, and the icecream only came in vanilla. The bar had a wide variety of drinks, but I suggest you bring your own cup, beacuse the cups are really small. One thing I didn’t like is that there was no food avaliable after dinner.

If you stay at the farallon, the beach is about a 5 minute walk, but it is worth the walk.The path ways are clean, and the grounds are very lush. There were animals on the resort pathways, (goats, horses, pigs, cows) but aslong as you avoid there poo they dont bother you. The beach at the Farallon side isn’t very nice. The sand is very dark and rigid. We allways walked to the other hotels beach, which had lighter, and softer sand. The pools were very nice. They were clean and relativley warm. Other than the pathways, the grounds were spotless.

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel:
This resort is more friend orientated. There are activities on the resort, like bingo and contests. The tours were fun, but not very organized. They had ping pong, which was very fun, but the tennis was not very good. If you are a player, you are better off to walk down to the Marea del Portillo resort, because the Farallon’s tennis is isolated and hard to get to. The shows were funny, and the entertainment staff were very nice!!

Other Comments:
The resort was better than I expected, and aslong as you go for the weather and not the food you will have fun. If you are younger I dont recomend this hotel. Overall, it was a good vacation

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