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There is no mention anywhere of the Punta Piedra Section. If you are assigned to “room number” Punta Piedra, it means that the “all inclusive” amenities are 3 miles (5 KM) to the west with no access except on foot or by hiring a taxi. Taxis are not there: wait ‘til one is called. There may or may not be one available. Chances are, you’ve missed dinner! The Beauty Salon, Restaurants, Buffet, 3 Meals daily plus snacks, Daily activities, Nightly entertainment, Scuba Show by the pool, Non-motorized water sports, Beach Suitable for Swimming, Beach Chairs, Beach Towels, Sun Shelters, Bar on Beach, Currency Exchange, 24 Hour Front Desk, Doorman, Boat Dock, Shops and Services, Tour Desk, Car Rental, Clothing Store, Gift Shop, Smoke Shop, Beach Volleyball, Pool Table, Board Games, Dance Lessons, Hiking/Biking Trails, Horseback Riding, Volleyball, Mini Golf, Tennis, Spanish Lessons… All 3 miles away. The attitude was “So sad, too bad.” If you get stuck at the Punta Piedra, and want lunch, call a taxi from the main hotel. There may one there, which may arrive within 25 minutes. If not get a taxi from Pilon, up to an hour wait. This is so you can pay for a ride to your all-inclusive meal. Too much heat, want to get your sun-block, return for a nap or more money: get another taxi. Go back to the main hotel to change money, but before 4:30! Wait until at least 600 for dinner. That’s when the line up starts. You may not get in until 730. Calling it a day? Go through the same taxi routine again. The Marea del Portillo (the main hotel) may have been acceptable, but there was no warning about the possibility of being stuck in an 8-room satellite site 3 miles past nowhere!

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Punta Piedra

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