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Debbie’s coming Research Trip: Bonaire

Our next research trip in the Caribbean will be Bonaire. We will check out hotels, resorts, restaurants, excursions and tours.The Debbie’s Research Trip is scheduled from December 26 2009 untill January 5 2010Do you want to have more information about our Research Trip to Bonaire? Let us know!


wossa Guest It would be great to get some info on diving ops that are available in Bonaire, cost of diving, any package deals, how many times a day they go, best time of year to dive, if they offer Nitrox….usual stuff !If you need any help in your research, I am funnily enough available that week should you wish to stick me on your ticket…. ;D


It would be great to get more info on Bonaire, especially flight details and luggage allowance.We have never been able to find a direct flight out of Toronto, and the little puddle jumper from Curacao has limited weight allowance.
Wossa …

How much do you weight because I understand from flopnfly there’s a limited weight allowance

Flopnfly …There is no direct flight as far as I know, but from Canada you could fly to Houston or Newark and then Continental Airlines to Bonaire is a possibility I understood Or Delta Airlines from AtlantaFrom New York on SaturdaysFrom San Juan (Puerto Rico) with American Airlines

wossa Guest Wossa …

How much do you weight because I understand from flopnfly there’s a limited weight allowance

I am as light as a feather…you could almost take me on as hand luggage….. ;D

(I would be interested in any info on Belize if you decide to go on another fact finding mission in the future).

It has been a few years since we last went there and if my memory serves me correctly, getting old you know, there was no direct flight from Canada to Bonaire. In fact I do believe we had a eight hour lay-over until our final flight would take us there. However Bonaire is an extremely beautiful country that is still unspoiled and one would hope it stays that way

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