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Decameron Beach And Casino Resort  

Juan Dolio. Dominican Republic

Posted by: Frost on Sep 24, 2014
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I wouldn’t totally say it was a waste of time because I enjoyed the city and few things about the hotel but I had a bad experience here. The place is cheap but you are paying for misery if I may, it is not even up to standard even for a county that is still developing. The rooms in which I slept, I mean the one that was booked for me was nothing like how it was described prior to my arrival. The room is dark, smelly and looks very filthy, the bed smelled funny too and the least the management could have done was just clean out the place even before customers arrive even if they don’t do it normally. Let me not even talk about the bathroom because it was worse than the room and you can imagine how bad that is. I didn’t even eat at the hotel because when I visited the restaurant and saw how unclean the place was and no attempt was made to clean it up, I just went into town and ate and at the same time I went around to see places. The location of the hotel is good because from there, I can easily find my way around town and not get lost. The most annoying thing is that the reception staff is very rude; the entire staff I came across were all rude and had not customer service bone in their body. I do not recommend it to anyone.

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