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I’m going to this island on a cruise this winter and I was just wondering if there are any "must do, must see, must buy, must eat" things that will help me plan my on shore days. Keep in mind, we are only there for the day


I would like to know this too. Hey iggy1 when are you going? We are taking the Carnival Dream from March 27-April 3

This could be of interest to me too…i’d like to know if it’s as expensive as Saint Barthélemy

I’m sure you will just love St. Martin & St. Maarteen as you probably already know it is a duty free port with such things as jewelry, clothing, alcohol, perfume, etc at excellent prices. Also St. Bart is IMHO a very very expensive place to visit with outrages prices. If my memory serves me correctly there is an excellent restaurant as you walk to-wards the town on your right. It has long flowing flowers going down the wall and you have to climb up the side stairs to get to it. It is just before you get to the city center (centre) and is painted white and pink. Great food and drinks there at a very reasonable price.

If you have time I would recommend you rent a car and tour around the island as it will only take an hour or two at the most. You will love this island I’m sure. Happy vacation

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