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Yes, I am going down in March as a tourist. My husband and I are looking at buying land in Jacmel. If you go to the right spots and speak Creole it is a great place to visit!!
Where do you have a mission at ?

I actually have been on "vacation" to Haiti twice back in the early 90’s. I was visiting my brother who was doing agriculture development work. Both times after spending 1 week in his village, we went to a hotel on the coast and although it wasn’t 5 star, it was wonderful. It really does help if you travel with someone who speaks Creole or you could likely get by if you spoke fluent French. It was a great opportunity to see a 3rd world country — really opened my eyes to life outside the western world. There used to be a Club Med in Haiti, but it was closed in the 80’s.

I went on a cruise in the 80’s and our Cruise Ship docked in Haiti for the day and then sailed in the evening. Talk about getting your eyes opened wide. I had never been to a Third World Country. From that day forward I was always thankful for the things that I had. I had no idea that people actually vacationed there. Thanks for the info.

yes, I have been on vacation several times in the past ten years to Haiti, The best places to stay are in Petioville, either of these three, Hotel Montana, El Rancho Hotel and Casino or the Villa Creole. In January of 2007, we spent 11 days in Jacmel at the Jacmelienne, hotel not good, Jacmel fun and friendly. JAMES DALPHONSE

In January of 2007, we spent 11 days in Jacmel at the Jacmelienne, hotel not good, Jacmel fun and friendly. Hello JamesI have heard that it is not that safe to vacation in Haiti at the present time.Did you have any difficulty touring around Haiti?. How safe do you believe it is to vacation in Haiti right now?.Any information would be very much appreciated.Thanks,

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I truly believe this country is an amazing place that doesn’t get what it deserves. Hey DeputyCheck out this link.


It certainly makes Haiti out to be an amazing tourist place.

I checked out this information quite some time ago and it really does make me want to visit Haiti again.Of course the only thing stopping me from heading there is the reports I have heard and information I have read about it being unsafe at this time for travelers there.It is awesome to hear that your Church group was there and things were great in Haiti.

I also hope that James will update us on the current situation of the hotels and tourist areas in Haiti.

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I found travel in Haiti somewhat difficult due to the constant lack of tourist facilities. The best places to stay at are in the town of Petionville, which is about seven miles outside of the capital. Check out the hotels , the El Rancho Hotel and the Villa Creole.

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