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85% of the staff is rude, I have never seen such a high percentage of unfriendly people working in a resort. I blame management for allowing that to happen. I wished I would have read more reviews before I booked my trip. The very first day I used the restroom in the Lobby you could smell urine before you hit the door. After waiting an hour for my room I couldn’t believe what I walked into a DUMP the room wasn’t clean it smelled like mildew. I brought this to the attention of front desk the young man couldn’t figure out why I was complaining, terrible customer service. I needed first aid due to bug mites, I went to information desk & was told they couldn’t assist, the following day my husband found a Nurses Station on site the employee was being nasty and lying, I brought this to the attention of Mgmt. By this time I was pissed off, my brush came up missing I had staff assist in helping me fine it I believe the cleaning dept took it from room.

Room Number:

July 07, 2011

Smelled like old mildew, the room looked worse than rooms in the ghetto were they charge $25. a night. There was a whole in the wall I had to stuff toilet paper so that bugs would come in. Bugs from the outside was coming in at nite underneath the front door.

Restaurants and Bars:
Restaurant food wasn’t great, the jerk chicken and fish prepared out doors was better.

Pools only go up to 3 feet, the only thing you can do in 3 feet of water is sit.

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel:
Nite entertainment wasn’t bad

Other Comments:
Check other web sites reviews the bad reviews or correct.

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