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Okay, I finally had a minute to write my review! Well, let me tell you that the Jellyfish staff is the BEST staff you can ever have for your wedding day! They really know what they are doing and they are so sweet. We arrived in PC at night on the 17th and went to visit the Jellyfish on the 18th. We had booked (by email with Mayte, the WC) the second floor of the restaurant as we were only 28 guests. When we visited on the 18th, we realized that it was a bit dangerous for the kids to be on the second floor… we asked Mayte to be moved to the first floor thinking that we would probably be charged a last minute fee……..No nothing! She said; you should have told me you had kids!

She also talked with us for about 30 minutes to review what we wanted. (I had sent pics of flowers, cake, birds made out of fruits, ceremony on the beach set up…etc…..) Everything was perfect! She knew exactly what to do and what we wanted.

On the wedding day, I went to the Jellyfish with my parents to give them the suitcase full of decoration and gifts!!!!!!! Gabriel, the owner of the place was there and he is an angel!!! When he saw me with my tiny speakers for my laptop (to play music for the ceremony on the beach) he really laughed!!!! He said; I’ll call the DJ for you so that he is here earlier to set up his equipment on the beach! (Again, I was thinking $$$$$) and he read in my mind and said…"no charge! My gift." This is just one detail, but he was like that with all of the details! My parents and I could not believe the service we were getting. We went back to my room to get ready. I also had to go to the Lobby to welcome my photographer and pay 95.00 US for him to get in for 2 hours…inbelievable! * Make sure that if you invite somebody to the Melia, he/she has picture ID…otherwise, NIGHTMARE! The bus was picking the guests and my FH at 3:45 in the Lobby. The ceremony was supposed to start at 4pm. Our photographer was so into his work and had so much fun with our guests that we arrived at the Jellyfish at 4:45pm!!!!! The staff didn’t say anything and was so happy and friendly with all of us. We all felt like we had known them for years!!!! Our beach ceremony was PERFECT!!!!!!! Mayte had made sure to make a "way" (as she called it! – aisle) with flowers and candles for us. After the ceremony, the staff came to the beach with the appetizers we had ordered! It was really nice! My husband and I took a lot of pictures with the photographer and then went to join everybody at the tables. We ordered the food from the pre-selected menu and everybody was very happy with the selection; pasta, fish or chicken with rice and salad. We had so many good comments about the food, everybody agreed to say that it was the best meal of the week. While eating, we had a few speaches and people had to sing for us to kiss! (an idea from the Best man!) It turned out really funny!!!!!!!!! After dinner, the party really started and we danced and laugh and played limbo!!!!!!!!!! The staff was so nice that they came and danced with us!!! Some of them even played limbo!!!! We had the time of our life and we are so happy with our wedding day. We would just love to press "rewind"! You know, we were really mad 2 months ago when we found out that our wedding coordinator/travel agency forgot to book the wedding date with the Melia (14 months ago), but now, we know why this happened!!!!!!!!!!!! Our wedding at the Jellyfish was EVERYTHING we were hoping for and even more!!!!!!! Here is the link to our pictures:

Enjoy! and feel free to PM me if you have any questions about the Jellyfish!


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