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The hotel was very nice. The lobby is huge and has plenty of room for plenty of people. The grounds are pretty and kept up. Very easy to navigate around. Resort offers plenty to do for anyone. Beach games, dance floor at night, family activities, spa etc. Everyone is really nice. Customer Service was the best. They aim to please. Many can speak English but some cant. Learn the basic spanish to survive.

Room Number:

The arrival was good. Got picked up by our travel agent company. The ride to the hotel is crazy. Takes 35 minutes. There is like one road everyone travels. Definitely not a well developed area. The drivers are crazy and wild. They pass each other when it doesnt look like they have enough room. People ride motorbikes everywhere so they occupy the road. They ride so close to the cars its scary. When you get to the hotel, there are conceirge people to help with your bags. They will take them to the side while you check in. Dont be alarmed. Check in was pretty easy. You get your room keys and towel cards

Our room was big and nice. Felt a bit muggy. It did have the musty smell many people on here talk about. Wasnt too bad tho. I burned a candle. The jacuzzi was nice. We had plenty of room for our luggage etc. Their is couch, tv, desk, queen size bed, large shower and separate toilet. His and her sinks. The maids are on their own schedule. They clean the room whenever. You may have to call if they dont come. There is a fridge with water, beer and soda. There is champagne in the room when you arrive. They have fresh flowers laid around too.

Restaurants and Bars:
There is plenty of food. There are five restuarants and a buffet. I ate at La Tiana, the japanese rest, the buffett,and the seafood rest. Japanese was the best to me. The buffet is the best for breakfast. Eat there. All the food is free because it is all inclusive. Some food is good some is bad. The desserts are bland so dont expect much. I guess food wasnt the highlight of the trip but its all good. It works.

The beach pool and grounds are great. Pool is huge and has plenty of room for many. The beach is beautiful and has plenty of chairs. I liked the beach games. Don’t drink tap water. The casino was fun. They also have a club. Mini store if you need anything.

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel:
Plenty of activities to do. We went ziplining and parasailing. Zipline was fun. Took forever to get there. The trip was bumpy and scary. The ziplining wasnt as fun as I thought. Alot fo walking inbetween and stuff. Wasnt as exciting. But glad we did it. Parasailing was ok. Definitely wasnt worth 85 bucks for two people but glad we did it. Only up in the air for ten minutes. We took pics. I can say I did it. lol There is an activity schedule posted so you shouldnt be bored.

Other Comments:
Overall, I would come back again. I had a blast and the people really go above and beyond for you. We attended a wedding and it was beautiful. They work for tips so be generous. Free drinks and food isnt bad at all. Though it took forever to get tipsy. I think the alcohol content is low. Just have a good time.

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