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Can any of you who have went the route of having a barebones legal ceremony here in Canada and the having the actual wedding in Cuba tell me how does it work for the certificate? since you are already married do you tell the cuban minister this or do you go on as tho you are not married and get a certificate from Cuba?

Our daughter and son-in-law did this and their certificate is from Canada – the resort will treat it as a renewal of vows (although they didn’t call it that and if you didn’t know you wouldn’t think it was any different from the full ceremony)

Thanks , So I assume then they told the minister in Cuba they are already married? Did they get a certificate as a reminder for the day? My daughter wanted to let the guests believe that the ceremony in Cuba was the "real" event.

Our daughter did the same – in fact they didn’t even kiss at the civil ceremony at home – wouldn’t let any of us attend -it was just them and two witnesses at the Marriage Commissioner’s house. We just told the wedding co-ordinator that they had already been married in Canada but that the guests weren’t aware of it and wanted a full ceremony. One of my daughter’s uncles actually conducted their ceremony in English with the Wedding co-ordinator doing a small part in Spanish – most of the guests were none the wiser – they witnessed the only "wedding" the other was just a legal signing of papers. They had a custom certificate made and it was signed at the wedding. I have sent you the link to the certificate as a PM
thanks for your help and information… the certificate is lovely!I think how your daughter did this , is much like what my daughter talked about..To them(bride& groom) and their guests it is the REAL event then! I asked pretty much the same question on the Dom Rep wedding forum and it appears I angered some?I appreciate the link to the certificate. Thanks again

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