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Arrived at Resort Thurs. morning asked for room change because of wifes walking and given room that was farther away and NOT of Diamond Class upgrade expectations . Room was handicap room with NO hot water ,no water from bathroom sink to wash and the patio door had no locking ability . Contacted Sunwing Rep and thy said resort full but would get repair man to fix problem. Nothing happened after 3 days and many calls . Did talk to Hotel Manager and Lucy said that we payed for much better conditions and would leave resort if not changed rooms. Late on 3rd day we we being moved to another room much closer,but after being told this hotel calls many times saying they need original room for other guests,but we haven’t moved to our new room . 2 hours of them calling us and saying bell hop was coming to help move our luggage . Finally moved to new room ,which was totally different than first room ,but they still gave this bad room to new guests arriving and found out they also were in the same room for 3 days. The patio door on many ground floor rooms also had locking issues and the ironing board was jammed between doors to keep door from opening . The 2 main pools also have issues with no hand rails to help climbing the raised pool areas,but does have a walk up area on the far side of the pools. Not much help for older guests or people not wanting to walk far or need help to enjoy the pools. The beach area was really not what we would say good because of the coral and far walking distance to get to better beach area. Had a chance to look at other guests rooms and all rooms seemed to be the same and since we upgraded to a Diamond Class Room there was NO benefit to paying the extra money ,when others got the same room and got the same usage reserved for Diamond Class guests only. Everyone got the same service without paying more for. Only nice part of resort and time away was the weather and the buffet ,which was above par for Cuba. Many guests we talked to said they would not return because of some of their own issues with the resort ,mainly rooms,pool areas with very little shaded areas, and the lack of help in a timely matter to fix a real problem for the guests to enjoy their holiday . They have our money and this resort doesn’t provide the service they advertise to give the guests. We lost our first 3 days of our holiday and will return to other resorts visited prior and let this one die a slow death from it’s own problems. Many restaurant staff and resort workers were much more help in making our holiday better, than the resort management that are their to help the guests. some guests had a good holiday ,but I’m sure they heard about problems other guests were having and thought that they were the lucky ones. Good reviews are our only avenue to let future guests the info to choosing a good resort and this review shows this resort is not worth thinking about !

Waterloo,Ontario. Canada

Room Number:

Room Block:

April 23 to 30/2015

Rooms: 9102- VERY BAD !

4206 – NICE ROOM !

Restaurants and Bars: Buffet with good variety of food

La cart – not used because of late times

Beach/Pools/Grounds: Beach was poor because of coral and far walking distance to enjoy a nicer beach area and little shaded areas Pool areas were much the same as the beach with very little shaded areas to stay out of the sun . Stairs with no handrails to help climb the stairs would help many because of the wet ,slippery areas and for guests needing assistance to enjoy the pool area. Grounds are maintained as well as they could because of the lack of rain or watering . No grass cover ,but dry cover with lack of dirt for grass to grow. There was some landscaping done and looked much better ,but a lot of landscaping is needed to make this resort not hard on the eyes to look at .

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel: Chess game for use was missing parts and was not used and had broken parts ,not repaired.

There were many off resort events and many enjoyed them .

Other Comments:
This resort maybe like many other resorts that juggle guest around from poor room conditions ,just until they can find better rooms vacant. Our first room was like this and the management at the resort had no problem putting new guests into a poorly maintained room or a room that has issues that they can’t repair ,but are willing to guests into them and take our money with little thought about what they are going to us or to the resorts name in returning guests. This resort is a poorly maintained resort ,which needs management that cares for guests ,putting out good money for a holiday and not receiving the advertised sales pitch and pictures .

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