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Sorry for the delay in posting these pictures but here as promised are my pictures from Costa Rica when I was there back in December. There is almost 1000 pictures in two albums, I still need to add some panoramas and I also have some videos that I need to add as well but for now here are all the pictures I took while in Costa Rica.Costa Rica Album 1 – Pictures taken by Myself

Costa Rica Album 2 – Pictures taken by Crystal

As some of you may notice I have also redesigned my website and improved the image quality of the thumbnail images. Let me know how everything looks.I will be posting a trip report as well soon.

Looks like you’ve been busy there Amigo. Nice site. What camera were you using? Btm, the dog print in the black sand shot,….. there were reports a couple years ago from around the Allegro Papagayo of a wild cat. Did you see this dog?

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