New to Jamaica – Jewel Runaway Bay – Bunch of questions ? | Debbie's Caribbean Resort Reviews Forums

Hi,First time to Jamaica and obviously to JRB, travelling with my wife and 2 kids(3-7). I have quite a few questions and hopefully I will get answers to some of them.1-Staying in a regular(premium) room, from what I understand there are 3 buildings: Topaz-Ruby-Opal, which one would be be the quieter one, as my youngest might need a nap in the afternoon, which building should I request a room in ?2-Again, from my understanding, staying in a regular room you don’t get beer in the stocked fridge? Is this correct ? Is this negotiable…can I trade my pops for beer ?3-There is no reservation needed for the restaurant except the Japanese, how does it work ? First come first serve ?4-Which e-mail should I use if I want to e-mail the resort for special request ?5-I know that JRB has it’s own transfer from the airport to the resort, but is this only if you booked directly with them? I guess this is more for Canadians that have traveled with Sunwing , will it be a Sunwing transfer or the JRB ? If it’s the JRB at least this will guarantee a direct trip to resort without any stops along the way.6-Airport to JRB is around 1h -1h15 ?7-I know there is no way to predict this, but we should be at the Montego Bay airport on a Friday at 10h30am, is this generally a crazy time at the airport or not really ?

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