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My wife and I just got back from Punta Cana and we stayed at The Reserve section of the hotel and I must say that it was an amazing hotel and our 2nd time in Punta Cana. I have to say I was reluctant to visit the country again after staying at the Barcelo Palace Deluxe back in 2010. That hotel is a disaster. The Paradisus renewed our love with the Dominican Republic. I also have to say that the Reserve section is the best. I wouldnt waste any money on the Royal Service.

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Quick and Easy, We arrive to the Reserve Section of the hotel and had a quick check in. We were welcomed home! It felt great that we didnt have to wait and everything went smoothly on that end. We got upgraded to a One Bed Room Master Suite instead of the Junior suite

Rooms: We stayed on the first floor in Section 40 and had a pool view which i highly recommend since the garden view has the golf cart trolley passing over the cobble stones. The windows are really sound proof as we were split by the Childs pool section and never heard a thing. Also there are no elevators in these building sections and so its easier not to walk or carry suit cases if your staying on the first floor. Our room was HUGE!!! The living room, dining room table, our separate bed room was amazing. The mini bar was stocked with drinks and plenty of water bottles all around the room. You can set the AC to your liking and we had great plush chairs on our little terrace and had an amazing time. The king size bed was very comfortable and we never had a bad night. The room was clean and not a single major complaint to be had.

ROOM CONS – Sadly there is no Ipod docking station.. They have a small stereo alarm clock that played CD’s and the time kept disabling after I set it numerous time. In the living room there was a stereo system with a cassette and CD player. You can bring an IPOD wire to connect it but really this is 2012, Get a docking system instead of these 90’s Stereo systems. Also we had no slippers to go with our robes. The floors are marble and freezing cold.. so bring slippers to walk in the room. (these are small complaints and are more tips for the resort to pick up on and help make this resort greater then it is)

Restaurants and Bars:
Not the greatest, the resort loses points here. The Gabi Restaurant for Breakfast was great, who can mess up eggs. Vento was absolutely disgusting and the dinner buffet was less to be desired for. The Terra Steakhouse was the best place to eat. Vita was a good Italian restaurant but I must warn you that they put bacon on many choices. Make sure that you ask the waiter because I ordered soup and it had bacon, I ordered a shrimp pasta and it came with bacon. I dont eat any pork and I got upset because they put Bacon on a lot of there items and its not specified on there menus that they do. Rodizio has phenomenal chicken!! Your not going to starve but it wasnt 5 star cuisine either.

Beach/Pools/Grounds: BEACH – The beach was long and beautiful but sadly there was A LOT OF SEAWEED. I cant fault the resort for something mother nature does and they try extensively each morning to clean it up. The resort offers free scuba and snorkeling plus kayak and other fun activities to do. the ocean was rather rough shockingly with the waves but I actually enjoyed them with a boogie board they offer for free. The Reserve section of the beach is right next to the Royal Service section and we were side by side with the general section. Yes there are a few people who play the "towel game" for the palapas but you have plenty of chairs to choose from and relax and get a nice tan. Mikey Mike (Maiker) is hands down the best!! He makes your experience fun and brings you drinks all day long. Mikey Mike is in the house!! That is another reason why your wasting money for the Royal Service. Your chair lounge section is adults only but the water is for everyone. So your sharing the ocean with the kids. We were in the reserves and honestly it wasn’t that big of a deal. There are people walking up and down the beach selling cigars, shells and other trinkets if you wish to buy them. We walked passed different resorts on the strip and enjoyed the beautiful ocean. If you just want to relax, grab drinks and walk to the buffet/ BBQ grill and order fish, burgers, chicken. Delicious POOL – I visited the regular pool section and left within 5 minutes. Though if you want more shade, the pools in the regular section have more trees. The Reserves section is better IMO as the gabi lounge is right there and we have our own waiter coming around bringing drinks and we can order Pizza and Burgers from the grill. The Pool is large and it is clean. Yes you share with the kids but its really not that loud and we always closed out the later part of the afternoon by the pool. The grounds are beautiful, I mean they really went out of there way not to effect the ecosystem. If your a fan of the TV show LOST you feel like your walking through the compounds of the Dharma Initiative. The golf trolley passes bye frequently but we preferred to walk and sometimes you actually arrived to your destination quicker then waiting for people to hop on and off. Plenty of staff/Security around to ensure that you are safe regardless if its day or night and it has plenty of lighting. I was very hesitant staying at this hotel and considered it many times to upgrade to the Royal Service just to be closer to the beach but trust me.. YOU DONT NEED IT. The walk is great and its not that far and you really enjoy the view.

Other Comments: the service is 5 stars, there wasnt a single complaint as opposed to the Barcelo properties we experienced 2 years ago. WOW the service is night and day!! Everyone here was friendly and genuine. They work really hard to make sure you are pampered and so please tip them because they took care of every concern and handled any request. I cant honestly say anything bad about the service. Mike, Luis and the bartenders by the lounge in the main lobby make your experience a fun one. I could really go for a Planters Punch right about now!

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