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Based on people who have been here before and some reviews that have been written online, I made y decision based on it and I can say boldly that I don’t regret it, it was my money well spent as well as time well managed. The repeat customers I met told me that it was greatly maintained and the same way the rooms were taken care of was the same way it was still maintained now so I could tell it wasn’t eye service. The bar at the hotel, the one by the pool was the best and the good thing about it was the fact that it was always open until late in the night so you can go get a drink before bedtime, it doesn’t hurt. The thing I noticed and love about Mexican hotels is that you hardy find unruly staff, the staff members are always as nice as everything the hotel has to offer. The hotel management looked effective because everything was in order, the staff, the reception, the food and the cleanliness of the place. One advise I am giving freely to you is that you shouldn’t get a room overlooking the pool because it is always noisy as the only bar close to it is always crowded. It gets like that from early in the morning until late in the night so its not even a good idea to get rooms there. Every other thing was great and I loved it.

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