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How are teh flights with Sunwing? How about the service at your destination?

Booked with them for my April 2009 trip.

We flew Sunwing in April and loved it. The food is actually good – you get a choice from 2 hot meals; the cabin staff are a riot. It was a very pleasant experience. I would fly Sunwing again no problem.

The Sunwing rep at the hotel was great – no problems.

Yes we were on that same flight as cubajunkie, and went to the same resort. We loved it so much we have our vacation booked to go back to the same resort with sunwing again in April
maybe we will see you there.

Just did aToronto – Cuba Sunwing resort – Marea – my cheked baggage was29 kilos – over weight charge $ 180.00. They were four hours late getting to Manzanillo so had to pay for taxi with family waiting for me to pay bill.

Love flying with sunwing….and actually when choosing a hotel it depends on the carrier i am flying with. my first choice is sunwing. have taken airtrasit, skyservice, aircanada but i perfer sunwing.

We’ve flown Sunwing 3 times in the past 4 years. Each time our flight times have changed dramatically. In January we were scheduled to arrive in Montego Bay at 3pm, we arrived at 9pm. We were supposed to leave Montego Bay at 6pm, but left at 11pm. Last year we had a similiar experience going to Cuba. We lost 3 hours by arriving late (due to schedual change), and gained 4 hours of airport sitting time for the same reason.The Year before we had a similar experience going to the DR. Supposed to arrive around 3 at time of booking. Schedual change and we arrive at 10pm.All of the flights have been great. Great staff, great food, but we cant take the schedual changes. We book based on the flight schedual at the time, Sunwing just takes way to much freedom in changing those times.We have yet to have this issue with Air Transat, Skyservice, Westjet Vacations or Air Canada.

If the flight times didn’t change i’d give Sunwing an A+. However, based on our experiences I give them a C-.

I have never had any problems flying with Sunwing. Yes, if you are over weight you probably will be charged for the extra weight.The seats are comfortable, the food is excellent and the staff are fantastic.

Freedom Ryder 8-)…………………

flew last year to cuba never agian. Our Flight was delauyed out of Winnipeg sunwing was aware of this. they still brought us to the airport early left 300 peple there for 10 hours had no clue were are plane was untill after midnight. everything closes at midnight in the varedo airport. We had no food or drink & most people had no cuban pesos. everyone was freezing, thirsty & hungry. Have had delayes before with other airlines it is usaly costom to keep the quest at there hotels when they know the flight is delayed sunwing cheaped out on us….would rather have sat in the waitng area of the hotel. Wrote to them & receved no response but was told by my travel agent some people who complianed did get vochers for their next trip.
People were so upset that the news traved all over to the travel agents in Winnipeg when booking my trip this winter with skyservice travel agent said people are still talking about it and those were on that plane last year are refusing to fly Sunwing this winter. Best flight south i ever had was airmexico.

I have flown with Sunwing twice. The only complaint I have is the constant changing of flight times. Despite this, I’ve booked with them again this year. They seem to have the most reasonable prices.
The Sunwing rep at the hotel has always been pleasant and helpful.

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