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Arrived after spending 11 days at the DeCameron Resort. Check in was efficent and speedy, well organized. Rooms The rooms appeared nice, until you looked closely…….the bathrooms were not really that clean. Restaurants You are only entitled to one buffet restuarant. The food was okay, breakfast and lunch were way better than the dinner. We ate other places for dinner.

They ran out of drinks and it is very unclear to everyone (including the staff) what is included.

Beach and Pools:
the pool was nice, but the staff at the pool were not. I saw them recycling towels on more than one occassion, which is unacceptable and gross.

We took a city tour with a man named Juan and his jeep. We had a fantastic time, I would reccommed this as long as its just you, 2 other people and him. Because the group was so small, it was very personable

I would go to another hotel if you are going to do the split. I have heard many great things about the Gamboa.

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