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Hi. All I say was American money being used the whole time we were there.When ever we have a question when going to a Sandals we either have our travel agent call the Sandals for us or we email or call ourselves.They both work.Now after saying that I do not use travelers checks for this very reason never sure what currency the country will use, so can not answer, except I did see a man ask and get American dollars for his travelers checks .To be sure I would call. About the electrial adapter yes you need one.Their power was 220 not 110 .St.Lucia is a beautiful island a step above the rest and the Regency a very nice resort .We have stayed at the Grand and the Regency .For us the Regency was the one we liked the best. Great food, service and golf but be sure to visit all three they are all great. I hope this helps in some way .Go and enjoy.

Hi. Travelone I whole hearttedly agree with islandgirl St. Lucia is a step above the others.The beaches are much like the beach in Puerta Plata and Sossa not like the long white beach of Punta Cana .The DR beaches are not that different except the Punta Cana beach, one of the ten best beaches in the world according to a travel magazine I was reading .I love the beach but would not go back but I sure would go back to St. Lucia .Go and enjoy.

Hi. Sandals does every third night is free on all its resorts one at a time and only does it for a couple of weeks then it is gone. We went the Regency and the Grand for nine days in total and only paid for six days saveing of 2400$Ca.The last time I looked the Sandals Montego bay had the same discount .This is one of the nice thing about Sandals.

Hi I think it would be hot and dry the rainy season would just be starting early June would still be dry rain would start as the month went along I would think.Antigua is always a bit breezey so take that as a given.Hope this helps in some way.

Hi Beaniebaby. You are so lucky to have won a week at the Grand Pineapple .I am sure you will have a wonderfull time . Such a beautiful island you can not go wrong.Any questions I would be glad to help.

Hi. Me again .We had the same situation when we wanted to go to Antigua purferred Sandals but just felt it was to much money.So we choice the Grand Pineapple a very nice resort but not a Sandals the food was not on the same level and the airport pick up was not as organized as a Sandals pick up .I was disappointed I had not payed the extra and gone to Sandals.Know having said all that I really could not afford the higher price so in the end I did the best thing . The Grand Pineapple was a nice resort beautiful beach ,good food not great but good,our room was fine with a lovely view of the ocean,service was hit and miss but the possitive out weighed the negative and Iwould diffenitly go back.Their web site is great and the pictures show the resort in its true likeness.I read the tripadviser reviews for month take them with a grain of salt vacation are what you make them and if your not crazey about the resort just do not go back.I have never had a bad vacation because of a resort.I hope this helps in some way.

Hi. You can not go wrong with Antigua it is a beautiful island .The weather is guarantied average rain fall 44cm can not get much better than that .I like the people in Barbados , St.Lucia and Jamaica better but found the Antigua people better than the DR and the Bahamas.It is the the one lsland I would go down town shopping by myself no problem.Service was a bit hit and miss but thats ok.We stayed at the Grand Pineapple the beach was the best would go back just for that beach.I would think Sandals would have better service and the Jolly Beach has the golf and is not so pricey I think thats were we will end up next visit .everyone go and enjoy .

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