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I don’t even know where to start. The food was not good. Granted, I’m a food snob, but when I go away I expect native food, not Americanized crap. Breakfast was ok. Lunch, left much to be desired and dinner was a nightmare. You have to wait on a line to get a reservation in 1 of 4 places. you have to make this reservation between 9am & 11am..good luck with that. When were finally able to get a reservation (the last nite) it was a joke. They hassled us for having 2 more ppl in an empty place!! The rooms where ALL moist & moldy. So moist my clothes were damp!! I asked for a pillow each of the 4 nights we were there and got lots of attitude but no pillow. If you want a hut on the beach get prepared to get up at 430 am to have your towels there so no one else gets it, likewise with chairs by the pool. Lucky the bride and groom opted to have their wedding on a different resort w/private beach. We saw another couple get married that weekend at the Riu and they had to compete with others in their pictures. The only good part was the delightful bartenders by the pool only. The rest were awful!! 35 people went for this wedding & all agree, it’s TERRIBLE! At least we had good company!

Room Number:
Don’t remember

Room Block:
Don’t remember

Awful!! Wet and moist the entire time including the beds!!! My clothes were even wet because of moistness. Mold in several of our friends rooms.

Restaurants and Bars:
Only good bar was the swim up. Food in restaurants was terrible, and making a reservation was impossible and unheard of. Breakfast was okay, the rest was bad.

Beach is nice, been to better on other islands, but not terrible.

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