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Debbie MailKimberly would like to know:I am planning a surprise romantic vacation. Can you recommend a luxury resort that offers a clean clothing optional or nudist beach/pool? We are looking for something low key, not a party atmosphere. My boyfriend has never tried a nude beach so we’re looking for something that would be somewhat secluded. Do you have any recommendations?Tx, Kimmy
Hi Kimberly,Never tried it myself but I heard lots of great comments and know there are a lot of repeters to Cayo Largo, Cuba… you might wnat to read about it…

It’s great planning a surprise vacation isn’t it! I am doing too and just love the suspens… enjoy!!!

In Cayo largo, the naturist areas are the 25 Km of deserted, white sand, beaches.There are only 3 or 4 resorts and the Playa Blanca offers the longest unspoiled 13 Km of beach.The resorts aren’t nudist but the properties allow for special areas to the east or west of the main beaches.There aren’t true 5 Star resorts here, only beautiful 3.5 and 4 star beach lovers dream resorts.Food is good, rooms are clean, staff all come from an island close by and there are no permanent residents so security is perfect.

We stayed at the Playa Blanca and plan to go again. This time we’ll explore the miles of eastern beaches.

You may want to look at the Couples Resorts. they have 4 of them in Jamaica. 3 of them offer clothing optional areas. Couples Tower Isle has a small island that you are brought to by small boat. CSS has a secluded beach i believe.

We are heading to CTI ourselves in Feb 2011!! Hopefully I can "encourage" the wife to be brave enough to try the island!!

THE place for first time nudists to go- located on the French side of St. Martin, a great 1-mile+ reef protected beach with a mixed textile/topless 3/4mi, and a 1/4 mi nude area walled off with a jetty. A resort is in the nude area, but the beach is open to all who are nude. Romantic, quiet, safe, 80-85*F year-round, 80*F water, services on the beach include food, chairs/lounges, all sports.

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