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Great pictures. El Salvador was on our list to do this yr but we decided to go to the new Royal Hideaways in Cuba instead. (amazing spot) We are planning on going to El Salvador next yr though. This place looks impressive and the sunset picture is wonderful. Thanks for the pics

Amazing pictures thank you. Can you tell me what the beach is like and if the tours are very expensive.

Hi mary1951 The beach at RDS is dark sand and being on the Pacific you have about 12 foot tides which makes the water dissapear (beyond the breakwall) . They have a beach club about 30 minutes away which is alot of fun to go to for a few hours and the beach is much better with great waves.

The tours seemed to be fairly reasonable, but we hired a car and driver and did our own thing for 2 days. We toured the Izalco volcanoe and Lake Cotapique (sp) and surrounding area . The price was about $100 for the day split between 4 of us, plus tip and lunch. A great way to see some of the sights.

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