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November 20 to November 27 2010. The weather was great. Between 27 and 30. The last day was 34. Little rain but nothing to get upset about. There are many things to do between a little sprinkle. We have done so much don’t know where to begin. The service was excellent. Cuban staff beautiful and friendly. Big resort and well kept. Everything you need. Doctor’s office, gym, spa, lots of restaurants, bank, gift shop, post office, cigar shop, hair dressing shop, waxing, pedicures, manicures, disco, public relations for reservations and any questions you had. Our air Canada rep was very hard to reach, not there most of the time but found out they have a desk to reserve tours and whatever you need if your rep is not available. That was the only downfall was with the rep.Thank God we had the VIP because it was all arranged by public relations.

Our flight was very good. First time with Air Canada and will travel with them from now on. I live in Northern Ontario and used to have to drive 8 hrs to get to the airport. Left from Timmins for only 96.00 extra. Did not have to get a room. We arrived in Toronto at 1:30 and left at 4:00p.m. We arrived in Holguin at7:45 by the time we got to our resort was 10:00p.m. We had someone greeting us and brought our luggage to the room. We then went to the 24 hr buffet on the Luna side for a bite to eat then went and checked out the disco on the beach.

I traveled with my sobrina, eeha and amiga. We had 2 rooms side by side adjoining. I was very happy about that. Our view was spectacular. Ocean view facing the pool and the sea. Room 3034 and 3035 smack in the middle of the resort on the Mares side. Leaving our room was the most breath taken view of the mountains and vegetation. It was lush and green. We were close to the elevators. The beds were very comfortable. The room itself was a fair size with t.v. which we never used, cd player. Our fridge was stocked with beer pop and water every day. VIP you get beer but with regular room you only get 2 1 litre bottles.

Restaurants and Bars: They have the main buffet off the lobby named Colon buffet. Lots of choice in food. You can have them cook fish, steak, pork, eggs, omelets and so on if you want something done a special way. The variety is very good. No complaints. I have been to Cuba 6 times now and I am used to their foods. My niece and my daughters friend had a hard time adjusting but most of the times it’s all in peoples heads. They had someone making smoothies every morning and the juice was freshly squeezed. The Cuban coffee is awesome. You won’t miss Tim Horton’s.

We ate at 4 a la carte restaurants. My favorite was the French. We went to the Italian, International. You must experience the French The banana pie is to die for. Ate lobster 4 times while I was there.

Beach/Pools/Grounds: Not too much of a pool person but had to try the swim up bar. The waitress was funny and very friendly. The beach, the beach!!!!! Nicest beach I have seen in all my travels in Cuba. Wide and white powdery sand with aqua waters. It was a little rough but not that much. I was told by a Cuban friend because it was the time of the year. I believe her because I have been to a resort not far from there in March and the water was calm. There is a bathroom and a snack bar on the Mares side. The beach on the Luna side is a little rocky but they also have a snack bar and a bathroom. I have been to Melias Las Dunas in Cayo Santa Maria which had no bathroom and I did not like that because it was a far walk and I don’t believe in pissing in the ocean. (Pardon my language) Going to the beach from Mares side has quite a few stairs. This hotel might be difficult for the elderly and the disabled.

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel:
Wow!!! where do I begin. We have had a few trips to Guardalavaca by horse and buggy for 20 pesos for 2 hrs. to the market to do some shopping. Lots of vendors. That is the place to buy your goods and cigars. You must also try the beach. It is also beautiful. We only stayed for 1 hr at the beach and enjoyed live entertainment. They came and sang 3 songs for us. It was very special. Going back our driver from the horse and buggy took us to the village and gave us a little history about the village and the Cuban people. Very interesting. You can take a double decker for 2 pesos but 20 pesos for a horse and buggy and a bag full of beer and a quiet and intimate ride was more enjoyable for me. He would stop and let us take pictures and so on. Good way to give stuff to the Cuban people. I have known a Cuban family for 6 years now and went to her home town in Banes.(Twice now)by taxi. It’s 45 minutes away and took a cab which cost us 65.00 tourist pesos. We got there at 1p.m. and left at 8p.m. Our taxi driver was so nice and also explained about every town. He was lot’s of fun. His name is Hermes. We had so much fun with him. We had Christmas in November with my Cuban family. Got all 6 of them a pair of p.j.’s and each a makeup bags for the ladies and shaving kits for the men. I wrapped the gifts with Christmas wrapping in my room. Watching them smell a bar of soap, happy to get shampoo and asking what toothpaste was, smelling the perfume and happy to get a razor with blades was very emotional for all of us. They have nothing!!!! The child picked vitamins over candies. 8 year old folding the p.j. he received and admiring it with care when we give our children clothes and they toss it waiting for the next gift. They gently opened their gift not to tear the wrapping paper. I can’t begin to express what I have seen. It was very emotional.

Other Comments:
All in all in 1 week we have done quite a bit. We savored every moment. Never again will I ever go for 1 week. Not long enough. If you plan on doing tours stay for 2 weeks. If you want is just the beach 1 week is enough but why go to Cuba without learning their culture. I also have to mention the dolphin tour (bring extra pesos for photos) which you can see from the hotel(not to far). You can go half a day by bus(79.00 pesos) or take the catameran for a whole day which gives you a lobster lunch and snorkeling . I have done both at the other resorts and it’s an awesome experience. You will love to walk the beach there. Lots of trees and lots of sombreas for shade. I will return to this resort. Between Playa Pesquero where I have been twice and Sol Rio de Luna y Mares resort it’s a tie. Scenery and beach Mares win. Playa Pesquero night life wins. Don’t get me wrong, you have to try both.(they’re not too far from each other). Service was very good at both. You will love the Cuban people. Treat them with respect and you will get 10 folds. Very family oriented, respectful and happy. Every time I go, I come back with good memories and I am great full for what we have and how lucky we are to be able to leave our country to experience their culture. Don’t forget to bring stuff for them. Things we take for granted like toothbrushes and toothpaste, soap, vitamins,underwear, shoes, sandals, crocks, clothes. You don’t have to buy anything. Any clothes that don’t fit your children or yourselves, watches you don’t wear, hats you don’t wear. If your tired of your summer clothes leave it. Any medication, band aids (I always packed a medicine cabinet before I go) Anything you have at home in your medicine cabinet I always buy and leave it before I go. You never know you might need it and if you don’t you can leave it behind. Hope this review helps and if you have any questions you can reach me at

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