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In the last two years we stayed in the same hotel 4 times. So that says a lot, you never go back to the same place if you don’t feel like home.
My son and his fiance love the place.

Room Number:
2019, 4002

Arrival: Like Always, just a few minutes at the reception. No standing in line waiting.

very, very quick checking in, as long as you have all the paperwork in order.

Rooms: very clean, you can appreciated some age on the rooms and bathrooms, but sparckling clean.

The Ocena views are astonishing, sunset priceless.

Restaurants and Bars: Restaurants with a very good variety of foods and drinks. The buffets serve for all the diferent tastes and flavors, not a single complain about it. The snack bar is my son favorite, specially late at night, when he sends his fiance to get some snacks very late at night when we sit by the pool side listen to the oceans roar.

The bars, good, even we don’t dring alcohol, they have a variety of non-alcoholic beverage for us, and most important the bartenders, they remember what we like to drink.

Beach/Pools/Grounds: large enough to accomodate as many people as you want, never crowed, water clean and perfect, bartender at pool very carismatic. Awsome beach, clear water, super white sand, some wave on the water and kind of deep for small kids.

You will enjoy everything around the hotel, just by walking and admiring the place.

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel: We love all the activities, Everyday was something very different, from clasic music (live) to dance, to a fashion show, to the perfomer of a Holguin-Michael jackson (this one stole the people’s heart). You will not get bore at the hotel.

And if you like excursions, there is one every day, where you can go and see historic places, or just go a visit another cuban places and its nice people.

Other Comments:
We will be back

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