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Welcome Johnny C. Good to see you here. DT got his own welcome thread. Better start one for Johnny so he doesn’t feel left out??

Oh, OK. Here it is.

Welcome aboard, Johnny. But where’s Jed?

Jed’s still all broke up about the Closing of the Hotel Internacional Varadero . Keep,saying " what are me an Santiago gonna do" . They so loved to hide out in the old closed down Caban del Sol Villas next to the hotel before they went down to the dolphin pond to watch the Maids Blackmarket Action . Hope he comes around soon . But thanx for asking

Johnny C

Poor Jed … he’s on his way back to the wet coast. He was here for the long weekend (thought that he’d play some old Hotel Internacional slide shows with Santiago). Drg²invited them to play beer pong at his place on Sunday. and that meany-pants made them shovel, and shovel and shovel. Wore poor Jed right out … said that Johnny never made him do that. Sorry, buddy … send the chiropractor bills for Jed to Drg².
Welcome Johnny.

Thanx -Mad I’ll put Jed out in the back yard here on a Lawn chair in the sun . 16 degrees today and let him rest after that weekend with you guys . He told me he freaking near froze to death down there . Said he sure had fun thou . Back to Cuba soon Johnny C
Welcome. Hope you are enjoying your very own welcome thread.

This should be reserved as a special privilege only for defectors from those other forums.

This should be reserved as a special privilege only for defectors from those other forums. Are we "head hunting" now? Maybe the next contest should be for who can convert the most members from that other forum?? (should it count if they still post over there?)

Some are OK, some are pretty good, Debbie’s is for those who want the best!!

Welcome to Debbie’s Johnny C !! Wish you nice stay here

Don’t all come at once Bellagio will be left at the top of the page all on his own,but I could never think of Bellagio being re named as a junior member.Bellagio deserves top billing!..

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