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I will try and clarify my question about "Cheap Caribbean".This is the name of the agency who appears to offer "cheap" trips.Now, has anyone used this agency or know anything about them?

Look them up on their website @ cheapbaribbean.com. I would like to book with them but I don’t want to get burned. Please, can anyone help.


I have not heard of this agency but I have taken a quick look at the site.I believe you have misspelled the name of the site on the information you have posted on this thread.A few questions….. Did you have to sign up to this site prior to looking at the availability and full price of the vacation?.Where are you traveling from?. Is it the USA?.Thanks,

Freedom Ryder 8-)……………….

Sorry about the incorrect website. I guess you found it anyway. I have been looking at this site for the past week or so and do not recall if I had to register with this site before they would allow me access to all info. I also live in Ontario, (Cambridge to be exact) and I priced my planned vacation with Cheapcaribbean from both Buffalo and Toronto to the Mayan Riviera. The prices were almost equal. I priced the same trip with another U.S. Agency and found their prices to be amost 1/3 more!! I priced the same trip in Canada and found only Conquest carries it and the price is a little higher than the second agency. What Gives ????

I think its a chance you take when you book with an agency outside of your own country. If you are Canadian, say from Ontario, and you book with an Ontario-based travel agency, you are protected. What recourse do you have dealing with a foreign country if you are dissatisfied? Having said that, we took the chance one year and booked with a company based out of the U.K. for a trip to the Canary Islands and another to Egypt. There were no problems with either of those trips but I wonder what support we would have been given if anything did go wrong before or after departure. Google reviews of that agency and see what other patrons may have posted about their service, etc.

Hi,Cheapcaribbean.com has been around a long time and is a reputable company. They used to advertise on our main web site.You should have no worries booking with them.


dont quote me specific, but do not believe that your transfers are included with your package price. At least they were not when my friends traveled through them in April.Also in March and February, they had cancelled quite a few reservations or hotel end in the Dominican.Hope that doesnt happen to you, I have thought about using them, but founds prices equal to another site that I use here.Good luck and let us know how it turns out.


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