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Hey, so anyone wanna share a favourite pic (or 3) of Mexico?? To help ward off that December chill in the air ??!!

This can be our "dreaming of better days" thread for the Winter ;D

Here goes… "My" spot on Playa Norte, Isla Mujeres ;D

Chilaquiles for brekkies! Tacos Tumbras loncheria in public market, Isla Mujeres

View as I sip an ice-cold Sol from my chair at Lol-Ha restaurant, Akumal

My company at lunch, Lol-Ha, Akumal ;D ;D

Okay, your turn. Post us some yummy Mexican goodness, por favor!!

Great pictures! I’m missing Mexico a lot right now: it’s a real blizzard outside, the highway is closed and they’re expecting highs of -20 for next week. Good thing that our trip is booked!

wossa Guest A Hawksbill turtle taken whilst diving on San Francisco reef, Cozumel a couple of years back !!Wossa…. ;D

Hey, so anyone wanna share a favourite pic (or 3) of Mexico??

Those are great pics Bubbletoes. What kind of camera did you use?

banesfinger – thanks, we use a Canon Powershot S5 IS. Cheap and easy ;D

Floyd & the Missus – you’ve just awoken my Mexican soul AND my shopping soul! More?!

Wossa – MORE POR FAVOR!!!Full moon over Cozumel, viewed from Hotel Cielo’s rooftop deck, Playa del Carmen…

FABULOUS pictures everyone – thanx for sharing!

We just got back from PVR on Dec. 12th and I am most definately missing my beloved Mexico!!!!!

I have never posted pix before, so I hope it works!The pool at the Golden Crown Paradise during sunset Attachments:

BEEEEEAUTIFUL pic!!! Amazing! Hotel should put that one in their brochure for SURE!

Thanks for chasing away my December chills, ratherbeonabeach

Traveljunky, I love your Puerto Morelos boats shot Okay, collllllld and grey here this morning so time for some more Mexico love ;D ;D ;DI’d MUCH rather get up to THIS kind of morning…

…and sip my morning tea here…

…then head over to Coz for a little lunch on Playa San Francisco!

Your turn ;D

That is the most perfect sunset shot I have ever seen. Soooo beautiful. Maybe PV is our next trip!

Can you post some more of your pics if you get a chance, ratherbeonabeach? I’m really enjoying them

we just came back from La Penita de Jaltemba last week, but we only had 2 really sunny days. Not sure if any of the pics are post-worthy, but I’ll see what I can find.

thanx so much Bubbletoes! I must admit, PV has the most beautiful sunsets I have ever seen traveljunky – I would love to see some pix of La Penita – its been sooooo long since I have been there.this shot is of Los Arcos with the Sierra Madre Mountains in the background.PS – Bubbletoes – I sent you a PMhave a great day everyone! Attachments:

Yet another brochure-worthy shot from you, ratherbeonabeach…I think it’s safe to say you’ve got a real knack for photography!

Traveljunky – love these shots…so vibrant and lively, just like Mexico. So, when are you going to share your La Penita experience with us? I’d love to hear about it and lord knows this forum could use a little action! ;D Hope you’ll tell us about it and post more pics!

traveljunky – Salud! ;D

and to Bubbletoes – thank you so much for your comments on my pix, but I am definately no photographer…….there is so much beauty in that country, even having a PHD (Push Here Dummy) camera, a person can capture a few good shots

Here is a shot of one of Mexico’s exquisite creatures! Attachments:

oops! Didn’t know I ‘had’ to write a review! First let me get my Corona out of the fridge…

Nudge nudge. That beer fridge must be pretty far from your computer traveljunky!

(would still love to hear some scoop on La PeƱita, por favor!)

isn’t Maroma one of the best beaches ever? We stayed at the Catalonia two years ago and the beach was just gorgeous.

Bubbletoes, the fridge is not that far, but it’s not empty yet Hopefully I have some time this weekend ( to write a review, not to empty the fridge!) By the way, we didn’t stay at a hotel or a resort, so I’m not sure what kind of review you’re expecting?

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