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Barcelo Ixtapa Resort  ~  Reviews Posted – 2
Barcelo Ixtapa Resort Myra — Canada

February 2004

We spent 2 weeks from Jan 22 to Feb. 5, 2004 at the Barcelo Ixtapa. The 25 years old hotel is the typical high rise with the room doors facing inwards to an atrium with a restaurant and piano bar. We could have been anywhere. The hotel rooms are small but very clean with ample storage space. The doors to our closet fell off but my husband fixed them. Our 8th floor balcony had two chairs, table and a plant and a wonderful view of the ocean, sunsets and the great beach just as requested in an email I sent them that they never acknowledged. Nice for morning coffee.

The chaise and shade problem is one we had never experienced this before anywhere in Mexico, Hawaii, U.S., Europe or Canada so it was almost comical. Three days into our stay the management decided to bar people from the pool and beach area before 7 a.m. I felt so sorry for the security guard who had to listen to annoyed disbelieving guests as he tried to stop them. That experiment was soon ended. On day 7, they then removed most of the loungers from the beach and had a fellow who would get them for you. Unfortunately, they failed to tell anyone this.

The staff was great, especially the Concierge, the housekeeping staff who just couldn’t give you enough towels and the short order cooks in the morning, although they were forced to run around making sure that items were replaced when they ran out. There didn’t seem to be anyone in charge of refilling items such as butter or bacon. They had hostesses to seat you but not bus boys so the waiters had to clear tables and serve coffee and run somewhere far away to get tea for a large number of tables. This did not work out well. Again, it’s management.

I have to preface my opinion on the food by saying that my only other AI experience has been with the RIU chain and the food at the RIU’s has been very good over the past 4 years. The breakfasts, although quite fine because of the wonderful short order cooks, did not compare to the RIU’s. Lunch was lunch the couple of times we ate it…hamburgers, pizza, sandwiches. Dinners were another matter. Terrible. The specialty restaurant Don Quiote actually made me ill and I only ate a bite of my undercooked salmon (the maitre’d pointed it out when we complimented them on the service and told him our opinion of the food) that also tasted metallic…not a good sign. My husband’s steak on two occasions was cold and tasteless and cover in tinned gravy as were my lamb chops the time previously time. The Sunset Grill was marginally, and I mean marginally, better. Bad food, beautifully presented. The food at the buffet was, in our opinion, inedible. The selection was very poor. We ate there only once, the day of our arrival. The Barcelo only offered only a sparse selection of cold, rather old looking and tasting, gravy laden food. We were disgusted. Each day, we would look then go out. You can actually pay to eat dinner there … I can’t imagine!

The drinks were well made but specialty coffees, champagne etc were not available. There is no stand up bar, although they do have a bar with television sets that no one went to except for the Super Bowl and a piano bar, just like in the old days. There is no central area to meet people or just have a drink or a disco or dancing.The entertainment venue was unappealing, rather like a warehouse at the front of the hotel. The food is the same in the entertainment venue as in the main atrium restaurant. They do have HBO on TV so we caught up on movies in the late evening.

I would not do AI at this hotel. There are many wonderful restaurants in Ixtapa and Zihua to eat at and we ate out every night and had wonderful meals, very reasonably priced. The two of us had delicious meals, starter, main course, beers, coffee and sometimes desert in the $15US to $30US range.I would not return to this hotel, or for that matter, try another Barcelo if I was looking for AI because of our experience at this one. They need new management and a look at how other chains do it. This could be a good AI hotel…they have a terrific staff, the great beach, small but well tended grounds, nice pool, the outdoor and indoor space and an older hotel that is in good shape.Luckily we didn’t mind the extra expense of eating out every night. Not everyone can do that so I am writing this in review in warning.Oh, by the way, no one called or asked us during our stay what we thought or if we were happy until check out, except for the staff trying to nab you at the end of the meal to write a nice comment in their book at the specialty restaurants as we had experienced elsewhere. I guess they really didn’t want to hear what we would have said except on a sheet of paper submitted at the end or maybe they already know.

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Barcelo Ixtapa Resort Mary Nemeth
January 2003

My husband and I were in Ixtapa in December, stayed at the Barcelo Ixtapa Resort, great great. The staff, food and people we met were fantastic and we plan on going back in December 2003, it was so good that we had thought the earthquake was part of the night show, no harm was done to anyone and the resort had plans allready in place. We had never been in Mexico

before and were not to sure of what to expect. The Barcelo is not a resort were you ever felt out of place, its a casual 5 star resort. The food was for everyone’s taste, breakfasts included good hash brown’s, eggs benedict and fresh fruit, yogurt and differant breads and also power drinks, a person would have to be a very very fussy eater. Lunch was either buffet or food to order, pizza, french fries and etc etc. Dinner was either in the dining room or some shows included buffet style, which were geared to the theme of the night.

I would highly recomend this resort and all I can say is FANTASTIC FANTASTIC.


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Last updated: February 11, 2004

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