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I’m having trouble deciding what to do this year. The economy is in such a mess it’s hard to predict what’s next. I’m wondering what people are planning to do this year…book now or wait for a good deal?I’m undecided at this point and really wish my crystal ball was working better than it was last year! (We booked last minute and paid a premium vs a great deal several months earlier :'()

We’ve decided to return to Mexico and have a good idea of the hotel we’d like to book but….HELP!!!

I feel your pain! ;D We are going to hang in there until a few months before our intended trip and see what we will get in the way of resort and price. However, time and time again here at the forums, sage travellers say that you should book now if a) you have a definite resort in mind and b) you can live with the price currently advertised. Flights fill up before resorts do; therefore, to wait may result in fewer options for you and less desirable destinations. Good luck with easing your angst. ;D


You hit the nail on the head with your reply Northgal, it really is up to the consumer to decide which is best for them. We have met people at the swimup bar who bought their package as short as two weeks prior to going and saved hundreds and hundreds of dollars, "BUT" they were willing to go anywhere and just happened to get lucky enough to end up at a five star for the price of a three star…….doesn’t always happen that way. For us, we know where and when we want to go, plus we have a group going, so we "have" to book early to assure everyone ends up on the same flight and at the same resort.Yes, waiting can save you a lot of money, but there are no guarantees where you may end up. If you’re open to new experiences, give it a try. Who knows, you may get a real winner, but it all comes down to "luck"…’s yours running?

Jake, eh

I think it really makes a difference on where you’re flying from. Here in Manitoba they have 1/2 the flights this year and a lot of dates are already sold out. We go in January and aren’t fussy and just go where the deals are and don’t usually book till November. This year we’ve already booked and the flight to Mazatlan that we booked for Jan 8 is now sold out. I’ve noticed some prices of resorts we were checking out have gone up by $1000 for the 2 weeks. If you’re from a smaller area ask your travel agent if they have reduced flights from your area and how fast things are selling out.

Good luck getting a deal!

selectivedi1 Guest

I think if you are resort specific and the price is good, book now. Otherwise we always book a week beforehand since we aren’t usually particular on where we go. That said, we want to return to Jibacoa in April, the price was amazing again this year, so we booked this past week.

We have already book this , it must be the first in 10 years we have book this earlyBut the prices are just as good as booking last January, when the CDN dollar was par

Really $758 for MCSM in January Saturday departure how much cheaper can it get ( Iknow it could go down, but still good value)

We have already book this , it must be the first in 10 years we have book this earlyBut the prices are just as good as booking last January, when the CDN dollar was par

Really $758 for MCSM in January Saturday departure how much cheaper can it get ( Iknow it could go down, but still good value)

Hi Koz: I was taken by surprise that you booked so early. That’s great though. Don’t be checking out prices between now and before you go.

The missus must be in shock….but no doubt happy.

I checked out the resort that you booked and it looks quite nice. Hope you have nice weather and it wouldn’t be fair to compare it to Central America. That would be like comparing apples to oranges.

I think the wife will be give a dirty look the first there is a cool breeze of the ocean LOLHopefully it will be a hot it will when we down there.

But the beach look great

I truly believe this is the year to wait it our and grab a deal when it hits ya.With the American Economy being such a fright, I believe it has [glow=red,2,300]everyone[/glow] every where on high alert.Therefore, with the possibility of a slower travel season, more offers will be out there to entice us to spend money.Just my two cents worth.


I wonder what deals tour companies have with airlines and resort?Can they cancel booking at anytimeOne thing I have noticed is more tour companies are share planes Air Canada & Transit holidays are even share planes

I book though Transit and traveling CanJet

If there are less planes going I do not believe the price will drop muchSome of cheaps prices were Oct before the drop in the CDN $

we booked in Novemebr for March… been to this resort 3 times and this is the CHEAPEST we ever paid!! I think the key is , when you see a resort and a deal that you like ……..grab it !!
I usually start early, checking prices. Got a great deal to the Breezes Curacao last week, was on one day for $797.00 plus taxes. Total for 2 people was $2,038.06. Couldn’t pass it up. Gone up to over $1,200.00 plus taxes now.

My advice is to be persistant in watching the site of your choice.

The US economy is getting worse faster than alot of people predicted, and is pulling down the Canadian and European economies with it. I suspect that there will be a lot of very good deals out there this year. That said:If you really want a specific place at a specific time, it is risky to wait too long. But if you are flexible, you may really luck out.Airlines and hotels aren’t going to give things away – they won’t sell you a ticket if it makes them worse off. A lot of plane companies are cancelling flights now, limiting seats to keep them fairly well booked up in bad times. For example, Air France had 3 daily flights from Montreal to Paris last summer – they now are down to one. And alot of other companies are doing the same thing… If things get bad enough, some hotels may start shutting down wings, closing some restaurants, maybe closing entire hotels, etc. to limit costs (and also the number of cheap rooms available). I suspect that the great deals are going to be from intermediary travel companies – those that committed last spring and summer to buying a bunch of flights and hotel rooms in specific places (Selloffvacations, Signature, Apple, etc.) during the 2008-09 season. For them, not selling means a 100% loss, so they will be eager to sell. That said, they are also at high risk of going bankrupt if the economy tanks, so remember to buy insurance! Too, they have seen this economic recession coming and so they may already be offering pretty sweet deals right now – it is not so obvious that better deals will be available for those who wait.
wossa Guest I have been looking at prices to Honduras for many months now and will probably wait until late Jan, early Feb before booking for March.

The problem I have is that the bottom is falling out of the £ Sterling and it’s down almost 30% from this time last year, so any savings will be reduced due to my poor performing currency….

Wossa….. ;D

The search is always fun when it comes to looking for "the goodest deal going", but you have to remember there are no guarantees in life. Other than that, all this talk about the economy has me so depressed, I might have to go down to the basement and jump out the window…..can’t go upstairs to do it, too scared of heights, plus I could hurt myself from that high up :o.

Jake, eh

We booked our April ’09 trip back in, hmm, when was that Jake? I just know it was before we had taken our November ’08 Mexico trip. Right Jake?Anyway, it was a deal we couldn’t pass up and glad we did! I just checked the price and it’s gone up over $100.00. Whew!

However, having said that, I’m sure there will some awesome last minute deals out there, if you’re willing to wait and aren’t too set on a particular resort.

A $100.00 is nothing to sweat about. If it is more than $200.00, than that is a significant amount to lose on a travel deal.
Last time we went to CL it was around $900. not including taxes. So, this time we paid just over $900 taxes in. I’d say that’s close enough to a savings $200.00 pp.
I don’t know how shirleyujest even remembers when or where she is going, her butt spends more time on planes or loungers than at home :D. If we could all manage to find the deals she gets, we too could be "Jet Setters", flying in and out of the Caribbean on a whim :'(. I think they are on their second trip through the alphabet now, looking for new destinations. What is it now shirleyujest , "C" for Cuba is next right?

Jake, eh

LOL I am offended that my nothern friends believe their economy is a product of mine.LMAO…you shouldn’t be followers you should be leaders.

Precisely why we will never have good health care…cause we can’t be followers.

I believe as far as traveling…you gotta sit it out, many good deals to come


Well Deputy, maybe if you’d go dig up some of that old money you have buried out in the pasture and start spending it, everyones economy would turn around :D. Come on girl, you can’t take it with you, get it back in circulation.

If you like waiting for the "gooder deals", does that mean you’ll wait until…..March 14 to book your next trip? Cutting it kind of close, but who knows, maybe you’ll get back to Coz for next to nothing ::). Nice way to spend your B’day, sitting on the beach at Coconuts counting the waves…..or bottle caps :D.

Jake, eh

interesting article.We also wanted to wait for good last minute deal, however we’re pretty picky on where we’re going this winter, as we can go for two weeks instead of 1! After spending a full day on the internet, I decided to book. No package deal this time, but everything’s seperate: flights, apartments, car rental.Not sure if it’s cheaper, but at least we’re going where we want to go and when we want to go.So for about CDN $1950 p.p. we have: a flight to Barbados, an apartment in Barbados for a week, a flight from Barbados to St. Lucia, an apartment with car rental for a week in St. Lucia, a flight back from St. Lucia to Calgary.

I didn’t think we did too bad actually…

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