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I have to start by thanking the Staff of the hotel, it was fun, it was neat, they were friendly and overall I had a great time. Everyone I talked to while there was having a great time, but the one comment kept coming up, the place was fun but for night entertainment we had to go elsewhere. The disco that played only hip hop and disco was terrible. Asking the DJ to play Salsa and Merengue, really, the reason why we were there, was pointless. He will always make a gesture as to mean that it was coming but it never did. We talked to Alex, the Nolitour representative, and explained the situation. It seemed to have worked at first but then the DJ went back to his old routine so we gave up on the Disco and went to other hotels for fun. Also, and please note, if you are gay and ask for a drink in the Disco’s bar, you’ll get half the serving other people usually do. I didn’t want to believe it at first when my friend told me about it, but I tested his findings only to realize that he was right. Not very significant when you come to think about it because we can drink all we want, so we could have gone as many times as we wanted, but as tips go, if you are gay you’ll spend double or triple to drink the same amount other guests are served and that is just not fair! The Disco situation was very uncomfortable, the music terrible, the bartender obnoxious and we tried to make the best of it, but at the end he was who decided. My advise to the hotel operators: Get rid of them! My advise to you, Playa Caleta’s entertainment was MUCH better! Our rooms were spotless, and the food was ok. TRY the catamaran activity, it is worth every dollar, but take it on Friday or Monday, when the Sunset trip is included. So, Great place for a family or straight couples, not a place for gay vacationists to visit.

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