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June 2003

I travelled to Nicaragua two years ago to visit my aunt and uncle in Managua, Nicaragua over Christmas and New Years. My uncle rented a house & two cabañas at the Marsella Beach Resort, which has its own, self-named beach. Marsella is located 5 km north of San Juan Del Sur, a small fishing village on the Pacific coast of Nicaragua.

There are a small number of private homes just to the south of the resort, but other than that it is very remote and quiet. It is a small resort, located on a hill overlooking the beach, with one small restaurant, several round cabañas (each has a bathroom & 3 double beds), and a 3-bedroom house (sleeps 6 – 8) (the house is actually privately owned but rented out by the resort). All the buildings of the resort have ocean views, and are far enough away from each other that there is plenty of privacy. Also, all the doors and windows of the cabañas face the ocean, so unless someone is walking right in front of your room they can’t see inside (as well, all the pathways are at the back of the buildings).

We were a large group and had the large house with kitchen, so we cooked our own meals, but on our last night we ate in the restaurant, which was very good – traditional Nicaraguan food. The restaurant has a lot of seafood which is brought in daily. Room service is available.

The resort is owned by a guy from Vancouver Island, B.C., who used to own a company that built logging roads. He retired at age 33. He is now about 60 and spends half his time in Nicaragua, half in Canada. His wife is a Supreme Court Justice in Managua.

The house had just been completed before we arrived (it still smelled like paint) and very nice – the kitchen was huge and was perfect for our group of 15 people. The myriad of bugs (praying mantis’, scorpions, spiders of various shapes & sizes, beetles, and a whole lot of others I’ve never seen before) were more than plentiful at night, since our lights were almost the only ones in the area – luckily they mostly congregated on the ceiling! I slept in one of the cabañas, and on the first morning woke up to find a tarantula attached to the curtain on one of the doors! It was ‘taken care of’ by the maids.

There are parrots and howler monkeys in the trees around the resort.

We spent most of our time during the day at Maderas Beach, which is just north of Marsella. Maderas is, I’m told, a famous surfing beach. There were many surfers in evidence, and the waves were indeed pretty impressive.

There is a turtle sanctuary about an hour’s drive away, where (during the right season, in the middle of the night) you can watch turtles laying their eggs.

The resort can be contacted by email: Anyone who would like to see photos of the resort can email me.

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