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This package was through Sunwing, and being from Charlottetown we don’t get very good packages. The only good thing is that we don’t have to drive to Moncton or Halifax. We left on Friday Night April 30th at 6:45 pm, got to the resort just before midnight and we had to leave the resort the following Friday, May 7th at 7 am in order to catch our 10:30 am flight back to Canada. Which meant we only got 6 full days on the beach. I could handle a few more days…

Your Arrival:
We arrived at the resort before midnight, quick check in but waited about half an hour or so before the trolley picked us up to take us to our room. At check-in I got a bottle of rum, and I did not walk around the resort drinking my bottle a rum like a drunkard sailor, I took back to Canada with me.

Rooms: I had a room to myself in Building 39 on the first floor, with a large king size bed, which wasn’t all that comfy, but I got a few hours sleep at least. The rooms were very clean and air conditioned. I was only in my room to get ready for supper and sleep. Had a big closet, and dresser to put all my clothing. Also had a mini fridge that contained water, 2 beers and 2 cokes, they refilled the water and beer every day. The bathroom was very clean, however the ceiling was full of dead mosquitoes. Every time I would take a shower my bathroom floor would flood with water. The tub was also a little hard to get into as it was a little high and you had to step on a wooden step to get in, had to be very careful getting in and out. The rooms were always cleaned by the time we got back from the beach in the later afternoon. I tipped the maid with gifts every day and I always had a heart shaped towel, so romantic when you’re on your own…. lol The room also had a safe which cost 2 CUC a day. My biggest issue with the room was that it was full of mosquitoes, I was eaten alive. The last 3 nights I sprayed my bed sheets, pillows and myself with OFF but somehow they still got me.

Restaurants and Bars: Buffet Restaurant – Always found something to eat, but not that tasteful. Breakfast was ok, the boiled eggs and omelettes were great, the bacon was too greasy. The fruits i was not impressed with, had watermelon a few times, the pineapples and melons were too hard and sour, the guava (little green fruit with seed) was gross. Beach Grill – served hamburgers and hotdogs. Had a Hamburger that tasted like a hotdog. Not good. I was told later that their hamburgers are made with ham. Not my kind of hamburger. Beach Buffet (Lunch) – Was not too bad once I found the pulled pork sandwiches, they were great. As for the rest, it was average. My friends had the BBQ chicken and said it was good, I never tried it. We were very fortunate to have 3 A-La-Cartes. Seafood A-La-Carte – was not impressed with, however we did have a very cute waiter, Rene. I had surf and turf for my meal and the beef was tougher than boot leather and the surf was 2 shrimps. Italian A-La-Carte – another not so good restaurant, but we were well entertained by Cecilio. I had salmon and it was full of bones and not quite like the salmon I like. Japanese A-La-Carte – This restaurant was excellent, the best food ever. And how we came upon getting a reservation to this restaurant is because we met these very kind young girls on our first day on the beach and they happened to have a reservation for this restaurant on the day they were leaving therefore they gave it to us. THANK YOU TARA AND FRIENDS FROM Ontario. NOW WE ARE ON TO THE BARS…… The Beach Bar was ok but they were always running out of stuff. I must have had 10 different versions of cocolocos at that bar, ended up going with vodka, banana liqueur and pineapple juice until they ran out of vodka and had to take rum. This is also where I can up with the nickname for SOME (not all) young Canadian travellers (the Liquor Pigs). Travel mugs are to help keep your drinks cool, they are not to see how much alcohol you can fit in them. On one trip to the bar, the bartender was pouring a whole quart into one of the LP’s mug. Give me a break… . They didn’t even put mix in it. The Theatre Bar, not sure what the real name for it was but I called it the Puke Bar cause all you smelled was puke… On our first night there the LP drank the bar dry, which we then went to the Piano Bar and same thing, bar drank dry. The Piano Bar had great Cocolocos. There was also the Lobby Bar, the drinks there were very good, when you could get to the bar. Pool Bar – Big Pool, on the day that we went to that bar (about an hour in total) it was quite mild, I heard stories from other people at the resort about that bar that weren’t too good, i’m sure you can find those stories on other reviews. Pool Bar – Small Pool, also spent about an hour there. We sat around the pool and listened to a guy from NB playing the guitar and singing, it was very good singing.

Beach/Pools/Grounds: Beach was wonderful, I spent more time on the beach than anywhere else. The best part was it was never a problem getting a chair because the LP would never be on the beach until after noon. The beach was narrow but we were told that it was from a storm they had in March. It was still beautiful. The water was amazing. I did the water aerobics one day and that was the extent of my exercise other than walking around the resort. The resort is big and there is a lot of walking, but it was nice, it’s a beautiful resort to walk around and the grounds are somewhat kept clean, when the LP don’t mess it up. As for the Pools, only went to the Big Pool for about one hour one day and it was just to say that we went to the Pool Bar… The Pools are fairly dirty by the end of the day, but by morning, they are quite clean.

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel:
We took in a few shows and they were great. Hard working dancers and very professional. The Union Atenas Band was also very good, they played every night before and after the shows.

Other Comments: Overall our group of 3 had a ball, not because of the resort but how we made our vacation be. We all had different opinions of the resort and these are mine. Thank you to my 2 travel gals for making my trip very memorable. Thank you to the new friends we made (J & B from Halifax, Tara and Friends from Ontario and everyone else we met on this great vacation). Not sure if I would recommend this resort, depend if you want to relax or party…..

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