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Occidental Allegro Cozumel

Location: Beachfront – 20 minute drive from Cozumel Airport
All-inclusive300 rooms
Description from resort website: A treasure for watersports and diving buffs, Allegro Cozumel is situated on one of the world’s premier resort islands, just five minutes from the legendary Palancar Reef. Here along the blue waters of San Francisco Beach, you’ll find great fishing and an astonishing diversity of underwater life. The Kids Club for children ages 12 and under also provide a great place for supervised activities and vacations for families. The poolside snack bar and swim-up bar are open all day to serve you as well. For your dining pleasure, choose from one of our three restaurants and check out the resort’s sports bar. As the sun sets, check out the live local entertainment, hit the dance floor at the disco, or meet fellow vacationers at the lounge. You’ll see why Cozumel is as famous for its night as well as its days. Superior Premium rooms enjoy the best locations within the resort, close to the pool and beach.
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Occidental Allegro Cozumel Jim ~ Gatineau, Quebec, Canada

January 2007

I thought I should let people know a bit about this resort. It was my third time in the last 6 years. Normally, I go to this resort with a dive buddy for the diving. This time I brought my family. I have two boys ages 9 and 12. I travel every year to different destinations but keep returning to this ones due to the dive shop. They are among one of the best in Cozumel.

The first time I went to this resort, it was owned by Allegro. It was bought out by Occidental a few years back and this is when I started noticing the changes. It has been deteriorating each time I return. You would think that because Occidental is pushing their time shares that the resort would be getting increasingly better.

Please remember, I keep returning due to the diving, not the resort. But for those who are looking for a place that don’t dive, I would not recommend it.

They haven’t changed. They are very small with hard beds. This year, there was integrated A/C, a notch up from the standard window A/C. All around, very standard rooms but small for a family of 4. We lived out of our baggage for the week due to the lack of space. Since it was my 3rd time, I asked for an upgrade only to be told that all rooms are the same, only the location is upgradeable. After two days of asking, I gave up.


Main Buffet (Nightly) Now we have issues. I was extremely disappointed with the quality and selection of foods and the buffet. It went from a 4 star selection to a 1.5. We went to bed with little in our stomachs. I lost weight on the vacation, a first. One night, they brought out what was suppose to be Chinese food that everyone complained about. I would not even given it to my dog. If you were not a Chinese lover, you had not other choice but to eat pasta. That was the only other selection.

Other nights were very comparable.

Main Buffet (Lunch)
Went once, very little to choose, very few people. It could have been closed and no one would of known the difference.

A la cartes
They were good, one Mexican, one Italian. The serve and quality of food was very good. No complaints here. Highly recommended.

Beach Grill
Everyone ate the burgers and hot dogs. All other food was from the leftovers from the previous night. Add sauce and you have a new dish.


Beach – New bar and server on the beach.

Pool bar hasn’t changed. Good

Upstairs Lobby bar and Sports Bar – Limited selection. There were more options the previous years.

Same as other resorts. They were good.

Dive Shop
Same as previous years, 5 star

Poor service. Breakfast and Dinner. They were more concerned about picking up plates than making sure you weren’t missing something. We even tried tipping the servers and the service still didn’t increase. I really enjoy helping out the workers as I know they get paid very little but I have my limits.

I would never bring my family back. I will return but only for the diving. It’s not a place for a family vacation unless you dive. My kids did enjoy the snorkeling which was the reason I brought them here. If the food would have been at least tolerable, it would of made the holiday reasonable.

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Occidental Allegro Cozumel Toronto, Ontario, Canada

April 2006

My son and I just returned from a week at the Allegro. We had a fantastic time. Our room was small but nice, and very clean. The maids made us towel animals every day on our bed for when we came back to our room. I found the beds very comfortable and the sheets very soft. Very mexican looking decor, which was nice too.

There was always plenty of bottled water in our room for drinking and brushing your teeth, etc.

The food was pretty good, although I did experience some "stomach problems" for a few days, but this was due to eating lunch in town one day. My son never had a problem. Everything at the resort is cleaned with purified water, so all the food is safe, the ice is o.k. in drinks, and it is o.k. to drink water with your meal. I had no problems until we went into town and ate at a nice little restaurant. I am sure they didn’t use purified water there. As long as you eat and drink at the resort, you should be fine.

The burgers at lunch down by the pool/bar were the best. Really busy spot with everyone ordering them. My son is 15, and there was lots for him to do all day long. From water polo to beach volleyball, bracelet making, snorkeling, stretching on the beach in the morning, there is so much to keep anyone busy.

The beach is amazing, which is where I spent most of my time, reading and just relaxing. The water was warm and crystal clear and so many shades of blue and turqouise. Always a beautiful breeze.

I found the staff to be amazing, very friendly and happy. They put on a show every night, which was really fun. They all do a fantastic job, every day.

There was lots of security around, day and night, and being a woman alone with her son, I never felt uncomfortable or unsafe walking around the resort.

The grounds are beautiful. Clean and well looked after. The flowers and gardens are nice, but the palm trees are just beginning to grow again after the hurricane. So unfortunate, it would be more lush, but still a great resort. I would go to the Cozumel Allegro again for sure, and recommend it to everyone.

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Occidental Allegro Cozumel Christina ~ Ridgeway, Ontario

May 2005

My husband and I along with his brother, his wife and friends of ours all went to the Allegro Cozumel February 28, 2005. We had a great time. We only had a few complaints about the whole entire week, our first night we arrived there they were in a panic because they had over booked so we didn’t realize that night that we got temporary rooms. Lucky for our friends they did too, when they got into there room it had a pullout sort of cot and no blankets or pillows so they waited 3 hours for there stuff. But the next morning we all got moved into different rooms and they were all close to each other which was nice. Our room was really nice but the only two things we didn’t like was that we could hear into the room next to us because the ceiling is open at the top. The worst part about the whole week was the beds, very uncomfortable. It is a family resort but has plenty of adult activities. The activity staff was great. There was something to do all day long. We would get up early to put our towels on our chairs at the pool. The pools were nice, we liked the one at the swim up bar because that’s where they played all the games. The pool was always a good temperature especially for those days that it was really hot. The beach was beautiful. We did the snorkel tour and that was really fun. It was a four hour tour that felt like a half an hour. They took us to really nice spots and we all got great shots with our underwater cameras. The food was descent, we really liked the afternoon BBQ that they had around the pool. We went into town one night and felt completely safe. The people were very friendly. If you like to party you have to go to Senor Frog’s. That was WILD!! All in all we had a great time. We all would love to go back again but next time we’ll bring a blow up mattress in our suit cases! We all would recommend the Allegro Cozumel for families or even if you’re going away as a couple or with couples.

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Occidental Allegro Cozumel Steven ~ Summerside, PEI

April 2005

The Allegro Cozumel Resort was ok. The food 4 out of 5, The grounds and beach 5+, the rooms – if you failed to be in a recently renovated one – 2 Very dungy, old everything, no screens on windows, I was almost afraid to flush the toilet in case it was going to overflow!!!!!, and if you want a good nite sleep – hope your neighbours don’t watch tv til dawn…. 3 am one morning we went to the head desk to put in a complaint and thank you again front desk clerk…… it was corrected.

The staff were very courtoeus and the drink selection was amazing. Too bad the hot tub was not operating – i guess the two weeks pryior to our arrival was spring break and let’s say the hot tub (jacuzzi) was Busy. So BUSY it had to be drained, Cleaned, Paint scraped from the inside area – You get the picture. So let’s hope the participants of the group "gatherings" took advantage of the pharmacy across the street from out resort to rid them of any rashes, growths, discharges…. you get the picture!

Watch for staff working outside the lobby area – the are trying to sell you time shares.

We rented a car from a company across the street from our resort. Hope you can drive a standard transmission. It was a good experience. Both the company and the touring around we done.

Watch out boys!!! We also shopped at the store selling tourist things across the street in the plaza with the pharmacy and the car rental shop. While a young man there was explaining to me the difference in cotton and nylon hammocks and the single and double sizes… when he opened the double size hammock – his hand hit me in an unappropiate place and stayed there GROPING ! Not sure what he really was trying to sell that day!!!

Overall I enjoyed myself. Let’s face it there’s no bed like our own bed. Not to have to work, serve clients needs, answer the phone and your biggest decisions are what to drink next and is it time to reapply more sunscreen. Life is damn good and i thoroughy enjoy my sun holidays. All people are different – I work with the public and know it is not humanly possible to satisfy everyone.

A special thanks to my travelling companions – I’m sure we could find a good time on our way to hell.

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Occidental Allegro Cozumel Glenn ~ Nova Scotia

March 2005

Hi, we just returned from Allegro,March 5th, it is great, the food is better than Cuba or Dominican, our opinion,the beer is better(my opinion) and the beach is fantastic, walk for miles. The resorts next to us(to the left looking at the ocean) had terrible beach(alot of coral).Take a taxi into San Miguel($17US)for four one way and the ferry over to Playa del Carmen($36US)for two return, great shopping and sights.This was our first trip to Mexico and Allegro. We would definitely return to both.

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Occidental Allegro Cozumel Denise ~ Canada

January 2005

Hi, my husband and I visited this resort in December 2004. I have attached a map of the resort for your inclusion on the website.

Check-in and Rooms
We were late arriving on an Air Canada flight and had requested a king size bed which we got in villa 41 on the second floor and were very pleased. This lasted until around 11:00 p.m.. when the people beside us decided to channel surf. Because the roofs on the bungalows are thatched the sound echoes through to your room. Around 1:00 a.m. my husband finally went to the front desk and asked for us to be moved which the hotel promptly accommodated us. We moved to a ground floor double bed room in villa 44 which does not have a thatched roof. They assisted us with our luggage and even though we had 2 double beds we were very happy. The rooms are not large and the beds are very hard but they are clean and we always had lots of bottled water to brush our teeth and drink.

The resort is well kept and the gardens are beautiful. We walked after dinner most nights around the grounds that were lit up for Christmas and it was very nice. They have the typical shows at night which we have seen many times and only stayed up to watch one. The one we did see was quite good and the staff there work very hard.

They have 2 pools – a relax pool (which was just opening when we left) and an activity pool that was very busy. There is also a hot tub which looks over the ocean…..a cocktail before dinner in the tub is a nice way to end the day.

We are early risers and the buffet restaurant for breakfast opens at 7:00 a.m. They also have coffee/tea available at both the pool side bar and buffet restaurant at 6:00 a.m. We found the breakfast very good, lots of fresh fruit, omelets etc… We were at the resort before the Christmas break so this restaurant was not open for lunch. We had lunch at the beach restaurant, and again there was always a wide variety and of course the typical hot dogs and hamburgers. They also have a juice bar where you can get fresh fruit smoothies. Dinners in the buffet were good except for the Mexican night – we are not big fans so stuck to the pasta bar that night. We also visited the two sit-down restaurants (one Italian and other Mexican which was better than the buffet) and they were both good. The food at this resort is adequate and I would rate it a 3 out of 5.

The beach is clean, lots of huts and chairs and the water is amazing. We are beach people and found that by sitting at the far end of the beach it was relatively quiet and away from the noise of the activity pool. Apparently we had one of the best beaches as you could just walk into the water. We also had miles of white sand to walk. The Iberostar next door was apparently more rocky.

Things to Do
We rented a car (highly recommend) across the street at the Executive Car Rental. With insurance for the day it was $96.00 Canadian and the car was fun – an old VW Bug convertible with nothing but the stick shift and windshield wipers. Not even a glove box…but we had a great time driving around the island, stopping at the reserve to climb the lighthouse, and visiting beaches where no one was there. We stopped for a beer at a beach side restaurant and thoroughly enjoyed our day. If I were to do it again I would pack a lunch and spend the afternoon at one of the beaches on the east side of the island.

We did a catamaran trip to go snorkeling. They picked us up a the pier next door and took us to 3 reefs where the fish were amazing. We saw baby octopus, a manta ray, star fish and of course all of the tropical fish you see in an aquarium (even little Nemo’s). I am not a big snorkeler but found the staff very helpful. They provided us with fresh fruit after every dive to get the taste of salt out of our mouths and after the last dive that’s when they broke out the drinks. They provided you with just about anything you could ask for (beer, pina coladas, margaritas, pop) and we had a great time sailing back. The cost for this was $46.00 US per person. There are cheaper ways to do it but we enjoyed the day on the boat and meeting other people.


We have traveled extensively and for the price we thought the Allegro was just fine and would rate it overall a 3.5 out of 5. If you have any questions I would be happy to answer them at denisepratt@hotmail.com

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