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Sandals Halcyon Beach
Will and Melissa Knoxville, TN
June 2004
Our wedding was very nice and went smoothly from the start. We met with the planner on our first day along with six other couples and filled out paperwork. We were instructed on what was required and available from the resort, and each couple met later on that day to go over specifics in detail with the planner. We didn’t spend more than an hour or so total with our planner, Maggie. She took care of everything. So, it was no stress on our part at all. We were married at one of the two gazebos overlooking the beach. It was well decorated with both live and fresh cut flowers. The ceremony was just the right length and not drawn out. The cake, food and champagne were both tasty and tastefully presented as well. Everyone did his or her job well. Word to the wise; don’t wear anything heavy or bulky, as it is fairly hot and humid. Just exercise a little common sense. We saw one poor South African groom wearing a worsted wool tuxedo to his wedding at 3 O’clock in the afternoon. It suffices to say that he was a bit uncomfortable. Overall, our wedding was wonderful! We chose Mario’s, the Italian restaurant at Halcyon, for our wedding dinner that night. It was a superb 7-course meal with both the preparation and presentation equally superb. We would like to thank Sylvia for being such a gracious hostess and Dane for being such a wonderful waitress.

My wife and I must also offer our special thanks to both Shayne and Kurt of the Halcyon photography staff for doing such an excellent job on our wedding and resort pictures. They are super nice and very easy to get along with. Our wedding pictures are excellent and the digital format is definitely worth the extra money. Thanks to you both!

Sandals Grande St. Lucian
Bonnie Ontario, Canada
December 2004
We are very happy with our wedding at Sandals. They are extremely organized. When we checked-in, there was a letter notified us that the wedding coordinator had setup an appointment for us. We met our wedding coordinator the next day, we picked the location we want to get married, my bouquet, our dinner menu, the wedding cake, etc. There was another appointment couple days later with the lawyer, just to sign some documents. Everything was done within the resort and it all took less than an hour. This was easy and completely stress free. If people don’t want an elaborate wedding, that’s the way to do it. We didn’t pay anything extra except a 12 digital photo package and $100 for having our wedding dinner at the Gazebo instead of the restaurant. The photo packages are expensive, but we figured the wedding was basically free, Sandals cannot give everything for free. The photographers are very professional, we are very happy with our pictures. I was reluctant to pay an extra $100 to dine at the Gazebo but my husband wants it. It turned out to be a very nice experience. Our server was fantastic, very friendly and yet gave us a lot of privacy. We got married at one of the three Gazebos. The one we picked, "Paradise", is the most private but smallest. It was okay for us because we didn’t have any guest. Be careful in picking the location. The beach and "Ixora" Gazebo are very visible to the public. We saw couples got married at these locations had "uninvited" guests in swimsuits attending the ceremony. I am very glad that I had picked Sandals to have my wedding, I am very satisfied with it.
Sandals Grande St. Lucian
The real problem was (and still is) the staff who are supposedly ‘wedding Organisers’ – and the Senior Management of the resort. Our wedding happened to coincide with the arrival of Tropical Storm Claudette! – unfortunate, but hardly the fault of Sandals… What we DID find unacceptable however is that the wedding ‘Organiser’ took it upon herself that the wedding would proceed regardless, no alternative indoor venue was prepared – the wedding went ahead in the midst of the storm – untill WE insisted that it moved indoors – at this point, we were offered that the wedding could continue in ‘The London Pub’ – having travelled half way round the world to get away from London – you can imagine how impressive that offer was! – but we needn’t have worried, since, as soon as we got in out of the rain – EVERY member of Sandals staff simply deserted us! – the Wedding ‘Organiser’, Videographer, Photographer all simply dissapeared. Bride, Groom and guests were simply left standing in a room, in disbelief! Our wedding was a ‘Half wedding’ – and quite frankly the management didn’t give a damn! – not so much as an apology, until we complained strongly – at which point the general manager made an offer of compensation, which he telephoned our room later to renege upon! – we are STILL awaiting final settlement of our compensation… and we are STILL waiting for our wedding certificate copies.

The resort will not return our calls or the calls and emails from their London office. In short – by all means do holiday there, the resort is ok – but what ever you do DON’T expect a decent wedding there… The General Manager confirmed that he would be taking no action to avoid a similar thing happening to others in the future, his attitude was very much – ‘hey , these things happen’ – which is all very well – except this is people’s WEDDING days that his staff are ruining – all through a simple lack of organisation and planning…

James and Lori were kind enough to let us post part of their wedding story. They have posted a much more detailed story, including how they met and some great photos at Thanks Lori and James!

The morning of the wedding

Hair and Make-up

I had a 7:00 am appointment to have my Professional hair and makeup done at the salon. I arrived on time and had to wait approximately 15 minutes until two girls showed up and unlocked the door. They were chatting up a storm amongst themselves talking about someone who had died. One would think that with the high prices Sandals charges, that at least the staff would be attentive to their customers. I had to interrupt them to tell them what I wanted them to do with my hair. They would patronize me telling me it would be fine and giving the pictures I brought with nothing more than a polite glance. When they were to begin applying my makeup I showed them the colors I use and how I wanted my makeup applied. Again, I had the same patronizing reaction as they continued to chat about some dead woman. Neither my hair or my make-up came out anything like what I wanted but since I was running short on time it would have to do. I was extremely disappointed and tried to fix what I could when I got back to the room. I have never seen such unprofessional inept people in a salon. It was not what I expected at all.

Where is my Dress?

I am awaiting the pressed wedding dress that was promised to me at 8:00AM sharp. as the time goes by (AND SEVERAL PANICKY PHONE CALLS ARE MADE) 8:10, 8:20, 8:30, 8:40, 8:50 my dress arrives (10 minutes before the wedding time and one minute before my wedding coordinator and the photographers!) (more stress) I quickly get dressed and let them in. Again explaining how I want the video to start, which pictures are important to me ( I wanted a sequential ring exchange) etc. This is the FIRST opportunity we have to speak to the photographers. I didn’t even have time to get ready because of the delay in the dress. Everything was so "in my face and rushed" (more stress)

The Ceremony and Reception.

The snacks were good, as was the champagne. This is one of the better services that they provided. The server was friendly and attentive. If there was one thing that bothered me most it would be that the photographers were chit chatting to each other instead of taking pictures. Several times I had to gesture to them to take a picture. It’s my wedding, was this really necessary? (more stress)

After the Wedding

It was approximately noon by the time all was said and done (including the photography). We spent the rest of the day lazing around the pool and trying to cool off because at this point the temperature was awfully hot.

Moving to the honeymoon suite room #97

We returned to our room to find a beautiful message spelt own in flowers on our bed. It was such a nice surprise from the the housekeeping staff. It was 3:30 February 14, 2002 (Yes – for our wedding night) when we moved into a Concierge Level Honeymoon suite Room #97 with personal plunge pool. Although we were initially delighted to have more space, it quickly turned to disappointment when we realized our plunge pool was ice-cold and had piles of bugs in it making it virtually unusable and disgusting. In addition, the room and plunge pool are located on a fairly busy road with no privacy whatsoever.

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