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I was thinking that i must not be the only one that does the desperate diet thing in hopes to fit into that bikini you just love. Actually, I am starting a little early as my vacation isn’t until December and i have obviously been neglecting my desperate feelings for , well about 5 years. So i have a ways to go! ( way to many vacations, fluffy drinks and buffets) Thought i’d start now. Wondered how many others are trying to slim down for their vacation? Let me know when your going and how much you hope to lose. Any one that wants to mention what works for them and how they are doing would be great. The more support the better!!I have been on a no carb diet for 2 weeks and today i have lost 9 lbs. 41 to go!!!Happy weight loss
congrats on teh weight loss already! I could – would never do no carb, i just love them to death! I usually try to loose a few before i go and especially this year i will be doing so. I have been a stay at home mom for the past year and a half and i have no excuse now why i haven’t lost the weight, as he’s 18 month!!!! I need to loose a good 10 and maybe 15 if i can do it, i would be very happy! I am trying to eat smaller portions and excersise 30 min on the treadmill a few days a week. during the nice days i am taking my son for a walk in his wagon for min 30 min as wll, so hopefully that will help. If not then oH well, i give up!
love2vacation, that is a great result. I would love to shed 30 lbs, but would be happy with 15 lbs. darn chocolate and co-workers that stock their desks. I am going to start on tuesday on a quasy la weightloss plan. I am not a memeber, but have some of their ‘rules’ from a friend of a friend. I just can’t seem to figure out what is in an LA Lite and what I can replace it with.

Keep up the good work on your carb free fest.

luv2vacation – that is great as it is 4.5 lbs a week. I personally like Weight watchers. I started 4 years ago January gone and lost 27 lbs in 7 weeks and have maintained my weight ever since and that is with I think 6 trips down south. The goal was 13 lbs based on their calculations of height and age but I had my own target based on my past weight. I was told that I had great metabolism and that was why I shed the pounds so quickly which they really don’t recommend as they feel gradual weight loss it best but hey, I have kept it off. Anyway good luck everyone with your continued weight loss!Cheers

I always say I`m going to lose a few before I go and never bother to even try. In all honesty I`m just lazy…I would really only like to lose between 5-10lbs and if I started to exercise even a little I`d probably drop it because I eat pretty good…There just always seems to be a book to read or show to watch and the exercise gets put off. Again!!!

Diet is a four letter word! ;DI didn’t have any weight problems until I hit my 50’s.We’ve always eaten very healthy, so my solution was just to start eating smaller portions.

My daughter recently gave me a great new cookbook which I highly recommend:- The Eat-Clean Cookbook by Tosca Reno from Robert Kennedy Publishing.

I don’t have a lot to lose, so I tend to lose it very slowly. I’m getting married in Cuba in November, so I’d like to be a little thinner. I’m doing weight watchers and running for 30 minutes on my lunch breaks. My goal is to lose 0.8 pounds a week, which would bring me to my goal by November.

I watch my weight year round by eating a low fat diet. We eat very "lean". And we rarely eat dessert. If we want a "treat" we enjoy really dark chocolate (80% cocoa).I try to lose about 5 pounds before we go on vacation, however, cuz I just don’t want to think about what I’m putting in my mouth for a week!I just up my excercise a month or two before we go and it seems to work for me. Congrats on the weight loss so far and keep it up!

Martian, I’m sure you do! I’m waiting to see your submissions to Wicked Weasel.

Thanks for all the encouragement!! Martin could very well be my driving force. He can’t possibly look better in a bikini than myself. LOL. It’s possible? A mankini?

It’s the long weekend here and i have been a very bad girl!! A few margaritias to many for me. Leaving the lake and beach today so i’ll have to jump back on the weight loss program tomorrow.

I started last fall and since January i have been at my goal weight (120lbs). I dropped almost 20 lbs in total. I was always thin and ate crap and never exercised much, but then i hit 30 and started steadily packing on the pounds. I did a combination of diet and exercise, starting slow and working up. I made a food diary for a week and realized that i was snacking during the day on high calorie treats (ie tim horton muffins) and bad lunches that i’d buy at work. I replaced this with healthy snacks and packed lunches. I find that i enjoy my packed lunch much more than the crap i’d buy and it’s far healthier. Things i thought were healthy at the cafeteria were actually really bad for you! By making things yourself you have more control as to what is in them. After awhile your body gets used to the healthy food and you stop craving the junk and actually feel sick if you eat a big greasy meal. I joined a gym and actually used the membership. I hired a trainer and worked out with her 2-3 times/week at the beginning. She would also plan my workouts for the in between times when i wasn’t working with her. That helped me get over the lost/useless feeling that i usually feel in a gym (I’ve never been a gym person). I now work with the trainer once a week or so and in between do spin class, weight lifting class, yoga, etc. I realize that i have no motivation on my own and therefore need a class or a partner to keep me focused.As i got more fit I started to have more energy and started taking the stairs at work instead of the elevator, tried activities that i would previously shy away from (hiking, rock climbing, etc). I went from being a couch potato to almost being a jock. I got over the fear that i was "unfit" and not able to do things and realized that i can do these things and that they are really fun. My blood pressure and cholesterol levels also improved dramatically.

Don’t just do it to fit into the bikini – do it to feel better and be healthier. It’s totally worth it and i’ve never felt better (or looked better)!!!

and could be scary with pictures……lol… A picture is worth a thousand words. Please, Everyone, start writing.Bigjohn.
i have before and after pictures but i’m not about to post semi-naked pictures of myself on an internet forum and i suggest others don’t either

Tuss, congrats on your goal weight and i agree it’s a total lifestyle change. I have been way to lax the last few years. I have always been active in sports but i am finding it increasingly more difficult and now that my kids have moved away we have been spending more time vacationing and relaxing rather than in a normal routine. We will be home till December now so i really wanted to get into better shape so i can feel better and look great as well.

The most effective exercise I’ve ever done to slim down is swimming laps – I didn’t lose many pounds, but really lost inches and toned up. I swam for about 30 minutes, 2 or 3 times a week. Too bad I fell out of the habit!

Since this thread does not pertain to travel to Cuba, I have moved it to General Questions as not only travellers to Cuba think about "bikini body diets".

I can’t quite decide if I’m "trying to diet…..or dying to try it" Jake, eh

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